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yellow and the deer

chan outfit 6

yeah, i know i'm channeling lolita with these thigh-highs :P

they're really beautiful in person. i ordered them from sock dreams about two years ago, and they've sat untouched in my sock drawer. so when miki sent me this gorgeously twee dress for our swap, i just knew i had to utilize them.

super cutsey-cue cue, but i like that sometimes :)

chan outfit 5

chan outfit 7

dress- swap item from miki
necklace- f21
socks- sock dreams
slip- thrifted
shoes- target

now the dress, while adorable, was a mite short. i believe miki is more petite than me, so she can pull it off. but i had to wear a slip under it.

but honestly, i love wearing slips. especially in the winter, when skirts rub up against your tights and cause a most unflattering silhouette. can't live without them!

also, i love the happy little ruffles that always peek out at the hem!

chan outfit 4

chan outfit 1

stay tuned for final conclusion of *the great dress swap of '11*!! i'm gonna do a play-by-play of how we styled both dresses, and you'll get to see miki's versions as well!

chan outfit 8


i just wanted to say thank you to my readers/ followers/ fans who are hanging in there with me. i feel like i've been a little out of it lately... not really responding to comments and all that.

honestly, blogging and social networking can be overwhelming for me sometimes. i try to get back to everyone, i really do. i don't always get to it, though.

i totally don't want to be one of "those" unresponsive bloggers. i know how it feels, so i'd never want to make others feel like that. i'm totally appreciative of your support. it's part of the reason i do the free sponsorship- to thank you for reading, and so everyone can get to know everyone else :)

so... thanks for bein' such a pal :)
and never hesitate to email if ya'll ever have a question or want to chat.




  1. Girl! Look at you looking all fierce and what not...workin' that little yellow dress! I love the shoes...yay Target! The dress swap extravaganza was such a neat idea!

    PS - I appreciate the comments you leave on my posts and I <3 keeping up with you and your life's musings : )

  2. Anonymous8/23/2011

    Aw this outfit is so cute! Love the knee high socks :)

    Thank you for all your wonderful comments :)


  3. It looks great on you! :D I really like they way you've styled it ;).


  4. The dress is lovely and I love pictures taken from the roof!!!

  5. Oh that dress is so cute! I love the little deer!

    I often find dresses are too short for me (I'm 5'10) so I wear shorts or jeans underneath :)

  6. Hey PRETTY lady in Yellow! love this photo shoot! gorgeous! I totally feel you on the getting back to people and it is an overwhelming time for me as well! I try to do the same and show my love through free ads, features,'s the best we can do and it's so appreciated, i feel ya lady and LOVE ya lots! xo

  7. I'm pretty obsessed with socks and tights and thigh highs, so I'm loving this outfit. No shame in being a little spaced out, as long as you find your way back!

  8. Anonymous8/24/2011

    lovely outfit, the sock are cute!
    you look great!

  9. Super cute outfit!!

  10. Oh Chantilly, that has to be the sweetest, most dear (no pun intended) outfit I've seen in a while. Adding the slip underneath just adds to the charm of it. Looks quite gorgeous on you:)

  11. thank you all for understanding :) it's super hard sometimes, and my blog isn't even that big!! i can only imagine what it's like to manage something like vic's blog (commented above.) i do try though!

    i'm glad you all like the outfit! miki and i worked really hard on the swap :)

  12. Adorable dress! Love it with the knee socks!


  13. What an adorable dress! You styled it super cute, I love over the knee socks!

  14. I love the dress. I'm a big fan of yellow in general. My best friend's mother once told me: "It takes a brave woman to wear yellow". I don't know why she thought this but I'll take it and run and so should you, girl!

  15. "it takes a brave woman to wear yellow." lol :) maybe certain shades of yellow? ...


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