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chair heaven...

there's nothing like a good, cheap thrift score, amirite?? i haven't had one in awhile, and i'd been itching for it. so it was nice get out there and flex my thrifting muscles with zach and maeve the other day.

she took us to this place on long island called unique. it was the BIGGEST thrift store i've ever seen... and i've seen a lotta thrift stores. the prices for all items were pretty typical, with one exception- the furniture. all the furniture was like, stupid cheap.

when i saw an ugly 70's office chair of my dreams marked at a mere $2, i thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. then i noticed ALL the chairs were marked that low. then i noticed that no furniture was above $10, really.

i labored over whether or not to get it. both maeve and zach insisted it was too ugly, even for me. and the condition wasn't the best. but in the end, i decided it was practically free and must have it. and i was looking for a chair for my office nook, anyway...

then we went to the register, and it was 25% off day. so it ended up being $1.50.



so that is the story of my new gloriously ugly chair, however long-winded (seen here next to purple rain). she's perfectly at home :)



  1. This was a total steal! I love old 70's style furniture (usually) the brown stripes keep it classy though ;)

  2. What an awesome deal! I love it! And can you believe I'm such a dork I looked up "imirite"?! Hahaha! When my dictionary told me it wasn't a word, I took 2 secs to think what it could mean and I got it ... Oh, well, I guess I'll always be a ESL speaker ...

    Happy Friday, Chantilly! :P

  3. wellll it's not exactly as classy as the picture looks. make no mistake, it is a pure 70's stripe, all day long. the pic somehow subdues it juuust a bit ;)

    miki lol, that's so cute that you had to look it up! i read your post the other day about having to learn new words and expressions all the time... guess there's one more for ya :)

    happy friday to you!

  4. I would've bought it too...mostly because of the price...worst case scenario you lose a buck fifty!
    I think it looks groovy :p

  5. ugly my ass, that chair is amazing! an excellent find my dear. now to lug my butt over to long island to check out unique..

  6. oh my's GLORIOUS! Can I share this on a $5 Thrifty Thursday? It really is perfection.

  7. Haha! I love it! Seriously, I would have done the same & it looks super cute :)

  8. yay, everyone likes it!!

    of course, amy! emailing you now...

  9. It looks super comfy :o)

  10. Anonymous9/10/2011

    I actually like that chair. I love the 70's style furniture. I personally think you stole that chair at that price!

  11. Anonymous9/10/2011

    NOT AT ALL... I LOVE it!!! This is great vintage hon! So jealous not to live in NYC to have this sort of markets..

  12. awesome! but actually, here in the city it's usually pretty expensive... i mostly score all my cheap vintage finds outside the city.

  13. Anonymous9/12/2011

    Holy cow, that's so cute!!! I love awesome thrifting surprises like that. Sometimes you expect something to be out of your price range and then you discover it is weirdly cheap! Now you the world's grooviest office chair!

  14. my heart just stopped and i forgot how to breath! that is so freakin' amazing!


  15. Oh how I love that chair.

  16. YOU'RE KIDDING. did you thrift it??


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