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clueless in mccarren park


again, been absent for a few days. oops.

but it's because i've been busy, which is good! i actually had some unexpected work come up last week, then gladly saw through various social commitments with some wonderful friends. i am currently holed up in rhode island, running away from reality. (aka visiting the folks.) i've been taking lots of pictures, and there will be lots of stories to come!

i just wanted to take a minute to share a great new york experience with you. this city is expensive, but it is not without its cheap charms... if you know where to find them.

there are usually free movie screenings in assorted parks during the summer. and it so happens that mccarren park in greenpoint showed the movie clueless recently! i ended up going with maeve and a few of her friends.

summer screen

coincidentally, maeve and i both LOVE jax. specifically jax. i've never known any other person in the world to love them as much as i, so of course i picked up a couple bags for us to snack on during the movie. (what's your chip pick for movies??)


oh, and i have no idea why, but they chose to screen the movie on a concrete tennis court. this sort of hampered the experience a little, but still. let's not lose sight of the awesomeness that is a public screening of **CLUELESS!!**


one last thing that has nothing to do with the movie- but we ran into this abandoned child's chair on the way to the park. i really wanted it, but was not thrilled about the prospect of lugging it with me everywhere for five hours.

i still think about it wistfully, and this picture doesn't help. i trust that whoever has it now is happy, the lucky jerk.

child's chair

hope everyone's has enjoyed their long weekend! what have y'all been up to?

chantilly summer screen

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  1. Aweee, I miss the charms of the city! I used to go to so many indie film festivals and Brit pop parties ... I've never tried those chips! I definitely have to, hehe. I LOVE Cheddar cheese and sour cream Ruffles ... They're perfection in the snack world!

    My weekend was ok; I got to see a friend I'd met on MySpace ... on his wedding day, haha, it was great!

    Have fun with your friends and family! :D

  2. Looks like you've been busy.;) I have yet to experience watching movies outdoors like. (Was that the best term?)We don't have that anymore. ;(

  3. You look so pretty! It sounds like you're having a fabulous time! Can't wait to hear your stories!

  4. I love outdoor movies! Every summer they have a 'moonlight cinema' series here, it's so fun~

    My favourite chips are the fancy 'kettle cooked' ones, in either plain salt or lime & pepper flavour. I always stalk them until they are on special then buy a whole lot :9

  5. i love cheddar cheese ruffles too, miki! you must try jax if you come across them. they're like this obscure brand of cheetos. you can't find them everywhere...

    i love kettle chips as well! sour cream & onion is my jam.

    xxo girls!

  6. Anonymous9/07/2011

    Hi honey, I am now back from holidays and catching up with all the posts I missed. Nice to see your little face again.. and god, I still adore the little vintage look of your pics. Really good. There is a sort of outdoor screening of movies in Milan too so might try it too. A big kiss and let's keep in touch (hope your sponsor things are doing well).

  7. Oh these pictures are lovely! I am sorry if I have not mentioned it before, but I adore your blog layout! It is so pretty :)

  8. oh I love this! Clueless was one of my faves when I was kid and actually I was playing in McCarren Park when I was a kid too! I miss Greenpoint:( So happy you can go visit and let me see these little peeks into the place.

  9. you look so adorable in that one! clueless?! i love it! they recently showed it here in seattle too. not outdoors though - that is way too perfect. there are so many great lines from that film! most particularly, why should i listen to you, anyway? you're a virgin who can't drive. oh gosh, there are so many!

  10. "you're a virgin who can't drive" is definitely one of the most colossal disses ever uttered. you should've heard the audience erupt when she said it!


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