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coffee talk & such

hey there, i thought we'd have a chat over coffee today.

you are being magically transported to swallow cafe in brooklyn. it's one of my favorite spots to sit among the other laptop-wielding starving artists, hipsters, and poseurs of the neighborhood. i like to blog, browse craigslist, photoshop, research... you know, internet/ computer stuff. and it beats sitting at home.

have a seat!


man... i haven't blogged for two days... that's like forever in blog time. i almost feel like apologizing for my absence, even though that's just absurd. i also am not very caught up with my reader (omg, i just looked at it, and it's at 240 items....)

but actually i've just been busy. i've been working a bunch and even had a photography gig last night!

espresso machine

AND. the mastering engineer sent me a draft of the finalized EP. i'm so excited to listen to it!! since we've stopped tracking, i've been feeling a lack of musicality in my life lately. so now i want to/ should start planning more live performances.

i've also been attempting to do the cover art myself, and it's turning out pretty good! i've been slowly getting better with my design skillz. a guitar student told me the other day that i was a "renaissance woman," and i scoffed at the time.

but the more i think about it, the more i realize how much i've learned over the years from adapting over and over again. i used to be only an artist. only music. now i have tons of useable skills! music, photography, design, copywriting, social media, branding and publicity. the list goes on...


another promising sign: matt and i actually started work on the kickstarter video that i hope will help to reimburse myself for production costs for the EP.. we've got about 10 seconds down. lol. it's pretty sad, but hopefully we can do more work this weekend.


thanks for the tawk. now i'm out the door to go thrift shopping with maeve! what's been going on in your world lately?

Feminine Unique New giveaway winner announced later today, or tomorrow! <3

chantilly camera!


  1. Congrats on the new EP, Chantilly! I can't wait to hear it. If you ever need an opening band, let me know. ;)

  2. I love this attitude! ;D And congrats on the EP! It must be so cool to have the finished piece in your hands!

    Have a fun Friday!

  3. def, ali! if you'd still like to get together for coffee in the city sometime, i'd love to :)

    and well... it's not exactly in my hands yet. but it's sure in my ears :)

    <3<3 xoxo

  4. hey Chantilly, thanks a bunch for visiting me. i was reading your about page and totally dig your whole philosophy about blogging and perspective. nice one! my favorite line from that was "You're lucky to even be here". well said!

    now i also gotta say your style is radness, the yellow deer dress about put me over the happy meter mark and dinged off on intergalactic joy! good on ya for adding the slip of protection. a gf of mine occasionally lets me borrow her dresses but she's quite petite so i have to combat the potential extra exposure with fine tunings like that too! love it.

    thanks for the transport today, i think i'd enjoy a real sit down at that darling cafe but the surreal will have to do for now. sounds like you should be taking one victory lap after another with everything you've been up to. congrats on the upcoming video and the EP. i'm sure your designs will be wizard for it too. wishing you a grand looong weekend! ♥

  5. what a cute posting style! i honestly felt like you were talking just to me... next time i will bring a drink and get comfy.


  6. love this post. so rad to invite us to your cute lil' coffee shop and show us the little details! thanks for sharing!

  7. Anonymous9/04/2011

    I love this post :) So warmly written.. certainly a unique style :)

  8. this is so cute, coffee shops are my favorite :] so exciting about the new EP! looking forward to hearing it & for the cover art!

  9. awesome, seems like everyone enjoyed my post! maybe i'll start incorporating a weekly 'coffee report' here. i'd love for all of us update each other on what's going on in our lives :)


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