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feeling rusty


here are some more clear outfit shots from saturday.
(photos by matt panton)

chan outfit

chan outfit 3

chan outfit 4

i'm pretty crazy about the tights. news- i have an announcement having to do with this company, but it will have to wait until tomorrow :)


top- ebay
cardi- heritage 1981
dreamcatcher necklace- foxwoods casino
shorts- urban outfitters
tights- we love colors (microfiber tights/ color- rust)
boots- thrifted

chan outfit 2

more jumping! this (awesome) pose must've been a relic from my cheerleader days...

chan jump



  1. I love your jumping photo! You are so channeling some cheerleading days...very cute. Your tights are so rich in color...love em'! You are so friggin' gorgeous darlin'!

  2. Ha...I love that jumping shot. I had past cheerleader days too, thinking about them makes me die hysterically laughing though. Again, you really know how to create the loveliest color palettes with your outfits. I love the deep & vibrant tones here..esp those tights:) as they are so pretty for fall. Have a great weekend!

  3. Lovely outfit, your jumping pic was hilariously fun omg I could never jump like that

  4. we love colors has the best tights ever. your rust colored tights are no exception! they're kind of the perfect color for fall. can't wait to hear your super secret announcement, chickadee! also, the jumping photo has to be one of the cutest things ever. excellent form haha!

  5. I love your tights, they are so fun! I love the jumping pic, I've tried to do similar ones but they never come out properly xo

  6. thank you all, as always, for your lovely comments :D

    marisa, i didn't know you were a cheerleader! whooo, cheering sisterhood <3

  7. Hi, Chantilly! I'm sorry I haven't been around lately. It's great to see you so colorful and chipper! :D

    Oh, my, I LOVE colorful tights! They can cheer up any outfit. And I love your jumping pic, too. So, you were a cheerleader, how cool is that?



  8. yeah girl, where have you beeen? i feel like i haven't been around either. sooo not caught up with google reader. i hope you're well!!

  9. Those boots are amazing! And with the tights and the shorts... so great


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