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just monkeying around

chan playground

on saturday, we met up for brunch with our friends jeff and michelle. on the way out, we spotted a nearby playground. our vodka-sloshed brains thought it was a great idea to go over and check it out.


michelle face

honestly, there is something that's just great about being on a playground... or anything having to do with feeling like a kid again.

myself and most people i know are bogged down with bullshit. jobs they hate. unemployment. immense college loans. creative unfulfillment. responsibilities, bills, worries, etc.

even if you can't get away from the situations, i think it's important to take regular breaks from the feelings that come with them. maybe even to remember a simpler time...

playground play

boys playground

we hear it every single day, every moment of our lives. the world tells us explicitly and implicitly "grow up. stand up straight. act like an adult." and certainly we do need that... to a point.

i personally think we also need to remember how to be silly and free. ESPECIALLY in such stressful times. it's a balance...

upside down

chan michelle


boys jump

boys jump 2

girls jump 2

wherever you are in your day today, take a moment to remember a time when you were happy and carefree. (perhaps that's where you're at anyway... if so, you're lucky!!)

know that life always changes, for better and for worse. and it can be that way again.

off to yoga!

(outfit deets tomorrow! xo)


  1. What a good post, and it came at the perfect time for me! :)

  2. I love your red tights :)


  3. i totally love this post, as my day job pretty much makes my soul die a tiny little bit at a time. sounds like a little trip to the playground is in order! if this pictures are any indication, i'll be better in no time.

  4. Very true. Sometimes it's hard to remember a time when you were care-free.


  5. jumpping pics <3 how I love 'em!!

  6. I love playing on playgrounds! The one near my house has one of those oh-so-safe spinning roundabouts which is the best.

  7. this is adorable!! The jumping shots are so fun. I really want to walk over to the playground now :)

  8. "even if you can't get away from the situations, i think it's important to take regular breaks from the feelings that come with them. maybe even to remember a simpler time..."

    You are so spot on. So stinkin' important. Things can get so crazy and chaotic, but a little stop at a playground can really put things back in perspective. :)


  9. glad this post brightened some people's day ::)

    ali- i feel the same way about having a "dayjob." i think it has to do with choice.

    people would be doing something that actually matters to them (art, spiritual growth, raising children, whatever), if they could choose anything in the world to fill their days with. but most can't. so we're stuck just doing something to survive instead... and having that "choice" taken away sucks. ...that's how most artists i know feel, anyway.

    anywayyy see you guys at the playground this weekend xx

  10. I hear you! Unemployment? Bills? :( ... I always try to keep a positive attitude and have fun anyway, too.

    Wait! Vodka for brunch??? Hahaha! That's the kind of brunch I wanna have! :P


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