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mystic continued...

hey gang...

it's been a busy weekend! i guess i've been out there living life and all that.

i know i've had a few people email me about partnering and such, and i've probably been slow to answer you. i'm going to be catching up tomorrow... sorry if i've been a little unresponsive :)

i figured now would be a great time to post a few quick pictures, of the tons that i took when i was visiting my parents. mystic is a cute little town in connecticut. right across from the aquarium we visited (pics posted last week) is a place called "old mystic village," basically just a little area of shops.

all the buildings in the "village" were built to resemble old new england colonial houses. i've known about it all my life, but haven't been there since i was maybe five. it's a big tourist attraction (particularly pretty around christmas time). there's a duck pond, a water wheel, and all sorts of cute things.

olde mystick

country store

little danish girls


mama goose

mystic flowers

and of course there was a coffee stop...

mysic coffee

look at these two crazy kids. (aka my parents.)

parents coffee

actually i have even MORE pictures, but i will stop here for today.

hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and the winner of the giveaway will be announced shortly. thank you all so much for your participation! more to come, i promise!! xoxo

iced coffee


  1. This looks like a nice place to visit and omg, your parents are so cute and good looking! ;)

  2. Looks like a good time. :) I especially love the looks on your parents faces. They just seem happy to be hanging out and being silly together.

  3. yup, that's kinda them... a silly pair :P they're pretty hilarious to hang out with sometimes.

    and yeah, i can only hope i look as good as those guys do when i get older ;)

  4. you definitely captured the whimsical feeling of mystic in these photos! i haven't been back there in years, but i have fond memories from childhood. i agree with the other commenters, your parents look really happy and fun!

  5. oh you've been to mystic ali? that's so bizarre! it's been in my own backyard forever, and i feel like it's so obscure. yet people know about it.


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