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pattern mashup

swallow cafe...
abbey road...
garlic cream cheese bagel...

everything is right in the world. it's the perfect time do a much-needed outfit post.

chantilly outfit 9

i feel like i've been hearing much about this "mixing patterns" trend for the last couple months. so my theory with this outfit is, if mixing two patterns is good, mixing THREE would just be pure awesome!! behold the wonder of stripes, florals, and plaid... together at last.

chantilly outfit 8

chan outfit 3

scarf- thrifted
top- ebay
cardigan- thrifted
skirt- urban outfitters
socks- sock dreams
boots- blowfish java

i haven't been able to keep this scarf away from my neck since the moment i picked it up in rhode island last weekend. my mom and i went to a consignment shop called pennywise, where things were expensive! at least this scarf was only $4.

also, i can't wait to start wearing knee socks again! they're the coziest things to put on around the house in autumn and winter.

chan outfit 5

chan outfit 6

oh, and this is the first time that i set the camera self-timer on "continuous." so it takes 6 pictures in a row. i got soooo many photos that were like, in mid-movement. usually they're more pose-ey because i know exactly when it's going off. i think i kinda like the change :)

chan outfit 1



  1. Oh i love this skirt! And i think it matches perfectly with both your scarf and your socks, so just perfect it is right in between! ;)

  2. That skirt looks so cute on you! The whole mash up is super your knee socks! I think the scarf was made for of those "meant to be" finds! I always enjoy your roof top photos...I need a roof!

  3. good choice with the patterns, i really like the combo a lot. and your kneesocks! i am obsessed with kneesocks. i went to catholic school so for a while they were the bane of my existence, but now that i have years of distance from those high school days i am completely smitten.

  4. Love this skirt, and the colors in the scarf match almost perfectly!

  5. Anonymous9/12/2011

    Cute outfit dear! I love how you mixed the different patterns. It all works well together :)


  6. I love the skirt! It suits you great ;).

    Oh, I never know how to mix patterns and colors ... My sister always that's definitely not my area of expertise, haha. She works in a fashion school, btw.

    Have a great week! :D

  7. I love how the blue in the scarf picks up on the blue in the background! Nice pics.

  8. Anonymous9/13/2011

    You look so cute. Knee socks are great aren't they?

  9. i'm glad people don't think i look like the crazy cat lady i am :))

    thank you for your comments... mommybloger, knee socks are the shizz, so long as they are comfy (mine are) <3

  10. You know who the best pattern-mixer in history is? Ali Velshi on CNN.

    Yes, CNN. Stay with me here.

    He'll wear a lightly-patterned suit with a patterned shirt, patterned tie, and patterned pocket square. All different patterns!

    It would wreck me to know he doesn't pick out his own clothes.

  11. Oooh I love the combination of patterns here. It can be a tricky look to pull off but you've made it look effortless :)

  12. You mixed your prints so nicely -- it's fun and young without looking like it clashes. I love!
    xo Josie


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