September 02, 2011

shop my closet sale

that's right.

yearning for some new cool duds? recession getting you down? me too! which is why i thought it would be a great time to have my first ever shop-my-closet post, and pass on some clothes that i haven't worn in awhile.

most of these garments are vintage, and are in fair to good condition. i want to see them in good homes!

paypal only, please.

*$4 for 1-3 items.
*$5 for 3+ items
**tweet about the sale with @chantillysongs and link back, get $1 off shipping
***if you are a new follower (as of this post), get $2 off shipping!

click on the pictures to see the bigger images in flickr and get more detail
(accessories not included)

comment here to claim items.
*important* i'll be away from the city from sunday until the middle of next week. i can ship out some items tomorrow, but orders recieved after saturday will most likely have to wait.

email chantillysongs (at) gmail (dot) com with any questions!

strawberry fields skirt- $15

strawberry skirt

apple green wraparound skirt- $12
wraps around like an apron (but it's a skirt) and is 39" completely stretched out at the waist

green wraparound skirtIMG_5057

faux patchwork county fair skirt- $14
34" waist

faux patchwork skirtIMG_5054

squaredance dress- $15 (this is actually a long skirt, but i've almost exclusively worn it as a strapless dress ;)
31" waist

square dance skirtIMG_5055

mexican oaxaca dress- $11 (price reduced because of a torn seam on the side. i tried to glue it together with fabric glue, but it continued to rip.)
42" bust

oaxaca dressIMG_5039

neon florals dress- $14
40" bust
34" waist

neon floral dressIMG_5044

lux top (urban outfitters), size small- $9
34" bust

lux topIMG_5035

plaid hippie top- $8
46" bust

plaid topIMG_5034

80's sweater shirt- $9
38" bust

80s sweaterIMG_5036

back to school blouse- $9
38" bust

70s teacher shirtIMG_5027

floral dreamz top- $15 (this is actually a postlapsaria piece, that i picked up a few years ago. made of vintage pillowcases.) size small.
48" bust

postlapsaria shirtIMG_5033

h&m hawaiian print blouse- $6
or be scandalous and wear it as a dress, like me :)
34" bust- stretchy

h&m dressIMG_5030

PS!! winner of the Feminine Unique New giveaway was the always lovely Miki, who was the 4th commenter! expect an email soon :)
Screen shot 2011-09-02 at 4.05.01 PM

lots of love, everyone :)


  1. OMG!!! :D I was carefully looking at all your adorable clothes and then I saw my name at the very end, yay!!! You've made my day! :D I'm happy now! Tehee! Thanks a lot!

  2. Lovely clothes! I need to save some monies and buy some more clothes, I am so broke!

  3. glad i could make your day, miki :)

    i totally understand, sara... i'm broke too! that's why i wondered if anyone might want these pretties...

  4. I really love the strawberry skirt :o) is the waste elastic?

  5. hi anna! it is but it's a comfy, more worn-in elastic.

  6. Gosh, you have such a great taste and style! All of these dresses are so cute! Amazing blog dear!

  7. These pieces are to DIE for! Love look so great in all of them! I don't know if i can pull it off like you...have you thought about an etsy shop with your vintage pretties?! just a thought:) i like this idea---too cool!:)

  8. thank you!! i've thought of setting up an etsy shop before, definitely. i just wanted to test the waters with this first :)

  9. Anonymous9/12/2011

    I love ALL of these! I want one of those Mexican embroidery dresses sooo bad!!!


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