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the three pattern blues

continuing the theme of the 3-pattern mixing, here's some dots, stripes, and paisley for ya...

chan outfit 1

chan outfit 3

well, perhaps you can't see from here, but that scarf definitely has paisley in it :)

i feel like this look turned out more winter-y than fall-y, but whateves. i've been dying to wear this sweater since i thrifted it back in june. it's so soft and cozy! (even though it's 100% acrylic...)

chan outfit 8

dress- thrifted
sweater- thrifted
scarf- thrifted
leggings- f21
socks- uniqlo
boots- blowfish java

chan outfit 7

chantilly outfit 9


  1. one of these days we are going to meet-up and play music together and sing and have a photoshoot on the roof. mark my words. ;)

  2. That dress is so pretty I love that blue hue :)

  3. This has to be one of my favorite outfits you've worn! The blue looks magnificent on you. I love the combo of everything you put together. Loving everything!

  4. Oh and PS - thank you for your sweet compliments on my last "what I wore" post...they made my day :)

  5. awesome outfit- I LOVE that sweater! What a great score!

  6. All these blues really pull together the different patterns. Love this location the roof always seems like such a romantic place.

  7. I think you have just inspired me :) I'm going out for lunch with people from work as one of our girls is getting married soon. I'm thinking the black tights socks and ankle boots might go perfect with the dress i plan to wear :) Thank you

  8. Wow, gorgeous mix! I love this, the cardigan and dress are lovely xx

  9. ali- let's do it soon! email me!

    thank you so much everyone, and han it made my day when i read that i inspired your outfit :) weird as it is, it's kind of unfathomable to me that i'd be inspiring to anyone...

  10. Anonymous9/22/2011

    Love the pictures, such a great mix of colours :) im following :)

  11. It looks great together!!

  12. I always really love that you have so much fun with color and texture in all your outfits. The blue is so pretty on you...and I love, love, love that scarf!

  13. i'm definitely a fan of print mixing. everything about this is so great!

  14. Awe, I REALLY love this outfit! The sweater is so colorful, love it! ;P

    Thanks a lot for your sweet comment ;).

    Hope you have a fun week!

  15. very pretty photos, and i absolutely love the dress. thrifted? that's awesome!

  16. yeah- the dress was actually heritage 1981... but thrifted, nonetheless!

  17. Adorable. Super fun photos too Chantilly! Love it!


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