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wild and green things

proud accomplishment!


i shall explain. you see, i am a plant murderer :(

i've even owned three cacti over the past few years. a plant so easy to take care of, even a hairdryer could do it. all of them have sadly passed on.

but then last year, i performed at a charity event for feminist organization paradigm shift, and they gave me this jade plant as a thanks. and... somehow... it just never died. it actually grew!

the little plastic pot it came in started getting way too small, so we re-potted it recently, and now it looks so happy.

i read more about it on various sites, and they all said it was a plant that "thrived with neglect." which sounds a little sad. but i'm just glad my little jade is alive and thriving.

the violet is new... it's yet to be seen how she fares. we're also trying to grow parsley!

plants 2

any of you out there have green thumb?


  1. I'm the complete antithesis of a green thumb. Cat grass is supposed to be easy to keep alive...yet every time I make the investment...a week later it's dead as a doornail! Your jade plant looks lovely...good job on being a plant mama!

  2. Both plants are so pretty! :D All my plants end up dying :( ... Even my okra that looked so healthy! Succulents seem to be the only ones I've managed not to murder, hehe.

  3. Yay! Your little violet plant is pretty. I'm not very good at gardening so I try to stick with easy to grow things, like mint~

    Good luck with the parsley, it's pretty hard to kill so hopefully you will be alright :)

  4. not sure what the opposite of green is, but i have the blackest (?) thumb ever? never could keep a plant alive! not even those viney ones that just grow in water!

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  5. i do not have a green thumb when it comes to indoor plants or anything in a pot, but when i plant things in the ground, outside, they seem to thrive. my indoor plants mostly consist of succulents, such as this, because they require so little care. yours looks lovely!

  6. haha! this reminded me of the aloe plant I inherited.. and somehow it has survived me! Along with a gold fish :)

    I don't do pets or plants well, but my aloe n gold fish surprised me by living by me. :)

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  7. ooh, that jade plant is gorgeous. good luck with the violet as well! i grabbed a basil plant at the supermarket about two months ago, fully expecting it to drop dead within two weeks. somehow the little thing is not only alive, but totally thriving and kind of huge. i think i may have to re-pot it soon.

    ps: your button is totally up on my blog. you're the only one under my new "sponsors & friends" section hahaha.

  8. congrats on the plants, they look great. i think I have become less of a brown thumb as I have grown older.


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