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american idol tryouts

just clownin' around with my pal zach...

zach drums

zach knew of a cheap practice studio near my apartment. so the other day we decided to rent one and let loose. it was all decked out in red velvet curtains, and there were even groupie couches (sadly, we had no groupies :( ...)

unfortunately, i'm not the most adept at "jamming" so we did some silly covers (katy perry/ teenage dream, what?!) and my songs, mostly.

oh my...

zach sing

american idol

livin' the dream :)


  1. Too cute. I'd totally vote for you on American Idol :)

  2. I'd totally be a groupie :) heh. Looks like much fun!!

  3. These are such great photos! I love the whole vibe I get from them. So much fun! x

  4. thanks girls! we totally could've used some groupies... the couches were very lonely.


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