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apple picking outfit

so this is what i wore pickin'... hard pear cider in-hand.

chan outfit 1
photos by matt panton

you may or may not remember this dress from peripheral photos that i took here and there, that were not official "outfit photos."

that's because sometimes when i acquire new clothes that i really love, i wear them over and over and over and over until i get sick of 'em. well, i'm still not sick of this hot little number yet. and despite it being a "summer dress", i'll sure rock it with some tights this fall!

chan outfit 3

chan outfit 4

my penchant for scarves and pattern-mixing has been well documented lately. but even i'm feeling it's kinda a stretch with this one. looking back, the overpowering floral should've been paired with something more streamlined, rather than crazy plaid.

but whatevs. guess i'm lazy sometimes. but actually, it's just practice for my "crazy cat lady" look that i'm planning to perfect over the next 20 years.

chan outfit 2

dress- thrifted @ cause for paws, nyc
scarf- thrifted @ pennywise, mystic, ct
socks- we love colors (bought a long time ago)
booties- thrifted, ri
bag- beacon's, brooklyn
(weak) pear cider- warwick valley winery

chan outfit 5


  1. Anonymous10/03/2011

    These photos are awesome! The apple tress go nicely with your outfit :) Country girl <3

  2. as a fellow crazy cat lady, i approve of your florals and plaid mixing, even if it is a little too much. i actually have the opposite problem as you.. i hoard the clothes i love and resist wearing them because they're "special" and i don't want to ruin them. so i get lazy and wear stuff i don't like as much. (insane, i know, i'm working on it.)

  3. personally I love the way you wear this scarf. I have a similar one in my closet but can't seem to put it on without looking like someones Russian grandmother.

  4. I'm totally in to your mixing of patterns here, you look lovely. The setting is lovely as well, adorable photos xo

  5. Adorable! We went to an apple orchard yesterday but I'm pretty sure I wasn't dressed near as cute as you. Your photos are so much fun. Just grabbed your new button too for the sponsor swap! It's beautiful!

  6. Such a pretty dress! I also wear things till I get sick of them ;)

  7. I love the pattern in your dress and your scarf! Perfect clothes for this kind of weather :p.

    Have a nice Tuesday!

  8. Nice outfit!

  9. AWESOME mix of patterns! I love the plaid scarf and the floral dress, and how gorgeous is the greenery behind you....totally lacking in the City!

  10. thank you girls! it's always good to know that you don't look as crazy as you think :)



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