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apple picking

last weekend was my first time apple-picking! (or anything-picking.) my lovely friend maeve drove zach, matt, and i up to warwick, ny for delicious nom-noms.

friendship farm

when we got there, it was more crowded than we thought it would be. it seemed to be all l.l. bean families and their dogs. parents getting sloshed on hard apple cider (more like WEAK apple cider, ha), and kids running wild. it was an interesting scene. it felt like we were the only adults there without kids.

then we got driven up to the orchard on a tractor by this guy!




then we went a-pickin'...




zach pick

maeve wore *the perfect* apple picking dress to this occasion.

i know she'll kill me for posting these, because she's camera shy. but isn't she just gorgeous? doesn't she look like she could just live forever in an apple orchard? i wanna bask for a second...

maeve pick

maeve 3


anyway, i was really sad that seemingly, there were no macintosh. it's the only type of apple i really cared about finding and eating. but lo and behold, right as we were leaving, we found the macintosh. and luckily, they were plentiful.

and i stuffed my purse with as many as i could carry.


our story was soured a bit by the fact that as we were leaving, we got stuck in the mud and bumped into the car next to us. we had to wait for the owner of the other car to show up... we were so close to the other car, we were afraid of doing damage even by being towed out.

this was then followed by a 2-hour drive in search of food, and ended with the "family-style" dinner for 4 at boston market in some random town.

still, we'll always have this...

zach juggle

looking back

... and too many apples to eat.

apple bushel

in what ways have you been enjoying your fall so far??



  1. Aw! I wish we could enjoy apple picking down here, it looks so fun! Our fruit picking season is summer time with tones and tons of strawberries!

  2. we totally tried several times to go strawberry picking, but our plans always failed. you're lucky to have such yummy fruit at your disposal!

  3. aw this looks like so much fun. I'm in LOVE with her red dress. definitely perfect for apple picking. you've inspired me to see if there's any orchards open for picking near us :o)

  4. Theres no fall here :( I wish we could go to a place like that!!

  5. Awe, this looks like so much fun! :D And yes, your friend Maeve is really pretty and seems to have a great sense of style!

    I'm craving apples right now :/, hehe ...

    Hope you have a wonderful week! :D

  6. cute pictures! and i love your dress!

  7. i haven't had the time to do any fun fall things yet, cuz i've been super busy. but i am dying to go apple picking and these photos are totally teasing me! in the next week or two i must make this happen. also, i couldn't agree more, your friend's dress is perfect for the occasion. she has no reason to be camera shy!


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