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blogger photo tips

mornin sunshines.

today, i thought i'd share something practical with you... my process for taking and organizing blog photos. mostly, i do a lot of outfit posts and life-documentation, as you're probably aware.

here are some of the things that run through my head while i do them :)

#1 find an interesting subject.

this one might seem like a no-brainer, but you'd be surprised.

if you're having trouble ascertaining "what's interesting," my advice is this: think about who you are, and what visually pleases YOU first and foremost. chances are the people who will gravitate toward you are of similar taste.

but hey, if you haven't a clue and worse comes to worse, just take and tons tons of photos, then weed like you mean it! it could be that you don't even know what you like, until you do a thorough survey.


2. capture moments

develop a habit of catching the little things in your day that grab your heart... people like details! they really do relish seeing those tiny everyday-life particulars.

i used to think "does anyone really care about this coffee i'm drinking?" why yes... yes they do. don't be afraid to snap a photo of something insignificant and irrelevant! your love of old ninja turtles found at salvation army may just be the thing that bonds you to the next person to stumble across your blog.

espresso machine


3. editing/ themes

think carefully about this. does your blog have a theme? clean? modern? edgy?

for instance, i prefer a vintage/ grungy feel here in my little corner of the bloggerverse. so i make sure all my photos, as well as my site design, all have that same feel. it's another one of those little touches that makes a big difference in "branding" onesself.

(by the way i use retro editor for most of my fancy effects!)

chan outfit 3

4. tell a story

this is what i like do do with a lot of my photos. even if it's something seemingly mundane, you'd be surprised what you can string together to make an interesting post.

sometimes, the way i present pictures on the blog aren't even the order they were taken in! it's all for the sake of the story...


any hot tips of your own to share? xo


  1. I snap away some days at all sorts of things and then wonder what I was thinking but then other days I take no pictures and get really like meh lol.

    I started my Instragram blog to share some of them because I didn't want to post an instragram a day and wind up my readers lol.

  2. Anonymous10/14/2011

    Great post! I love your "tell a story" tip- I used to really under value photography in my posts and now they're a primary part of how I blog :)

  3. Happy Friday, Chantilly! Cool post! ;)

    Hope you take lots of pics this weekend! :p

  4. Really great post!!

  5. Those cupcakes look good... my mouth is watering... no joke!


  6. This is great! I always enjoy looking at the photos of others, but really struggle with wondering if people like mine, and how to make them more interesting. Thanks for the tips.

  7. great tips I am always taking pictures just because you never know they could make a great post!!


  8. thanks girls, i'm glad you found my tips helpful!!

  9. Chantilly, I love these tips! I need to be taking more photos. I love your advice about snapping the details... you're absolutely right about us loving to see a photo of your coffee. Coffee gives almost everyone good feelings. I'm pretty sure of it! Thanks for sharing your expertise.

    p.s. I always love how your photoshop your pics. They look so awesomely artsy!

  10. Nice tips. They're going to be very useful for me. I never put pics shooted by myself on my blog, because I don't know how to start taking pictures which look good.Hope this helps.

  11. thank you so much! this really made me feel inspired about my blog! sometimes i get so worried about how my posts will be percieved, but it SHOULD start with what i'm interested in!! this was awesome, thank you!


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