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no camera this weekend.

i feel like it's been absolutely forever since i've had an outfit post. and i'm used to centering posts around photos i take, so i feel like i've got nothing new for you guys! plus it's snowing and cold today, so i don't think i'll be doing anything special...

silver lining: i decided to cook a chicken and biscuits crock pot, and the smell is making me feel happy and cozy :)

i decided that i'd share with you a few of my favorite finds from cmj! there were tons of talented bands and artists, but these guys took the cake for me...

sophie madeline


i stumbled into rockwood with some friends, and was immediately turned on by her quirky-folky-girlpop.

i'm always looking for musicians, songwriters, and creative types to network with. and sometimes, i'm actually in the mood to try and make friends :) so i approached her afterward, and we had an awkward little exchange together. i think she was just anxious to get everything packed up and get outta there... however, she gave me a free cd!

here's a video i found on her site covering "firework" with pearl and the beard (who i also love!!)


hank & cupcakes


this is a husband-wife duo. i caught their set at the canal room, and their energy is in-fucking-credible. she actually plays drums and sings at the same time, and ROCKS it. she's like an 80's power rock chick with the energy and confidence of madonna ;)



i actually didn't see this guy live, but this song played about a thousand times when i was volunteering at registration. everyone was talking about him all week, and i guess this video has 13 million views...

the song and his voice are obviously amazing. but i really enjoy watching the video, because of all his little facial subtleties. i love that he can flick his eyebrow and convey anger or sadness so quickly.

plus i think he has an interesting look. interesting face :)



  1. you will have to share the recipe because it sounds really good! I am going to check out these bands for sure


  2. The Gotye song was featured on the Good Wife near the end of last season. love it.

  3. ps. hank & cupcakes, just listened, great find! her voice is killer.

  4. carrie- it was delicious, so i think i'll make it again soon. i'll post the recipe complete with photos!

    i'm glad i could turn you on to something new, kate :) her voice really is epic.


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