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cmj hangover

phew! i am back.

as you might remember, i volunteered at cmj last week. i've spent the whole time talking non-stop, meeting new people, working, seeing shows, and loving every minute of it.

i feel a little behind on the times in internet land... spent most of today catching up on emails and trying to wade through my very overloaded google reader. but truth be told, it felt good to get out and be awake and alive in actual real life.

i have so much to say to you guys! for instance:


i ended up with a total of three free tote bags from this festival. i found this myspace one the most amusing. looks like they're trying to make a comeback by sponsoring the event, and trying to seem relevant again? i might actually wear this, just for the lulz.

also interesting
: i had numerous "industry" people suggest that i actually stop blogging so much. that i spend more time developing my youtube, twitter, and facebook artist page (which i don't have.) and i agree, those things could probably use some more of my attention...

but i think the problem is that i just have too much to say! i start off every week thinking that i'm going to end up with no material for posts. yet i've been filling up the pages almost every day lately!

also, blogging has been the only place- out of all the outlets that i've tried- where the work i do seems to pay off. where i'm cultivating a real audience that's ACTUALLY interested in what i do. and i've recently figured out that this is an important factor in my happiness- whether it's through music or no. i cherish the interactions i have with you guys so much... i'll be darned if i'm gonna give it up!!

besides which, i have no desire to be this generic "music personality" that people only know through a few pictures and half-hearted tweets. i'm a flesh and blood girl. and i have experiences and opinions that i want to express, which unfortunately can't always be contained by witty 140 character sentences.

that said, i might start scaling back my posting levels just a weeee bit... maybe start diversifying my efforts.

anywayyyyy, i hope everyone had a great week. looking forward to catching up with what you've all been up to :)

OH AND PS: the blog party planning is coming along swimmingly!! i have some AWESOME, too-good-to-be-true guest posters sign on so far. i've emailed a few more people, and it might even turn into a 2-day event!!



  1. Don't ever stop blogging, please! I love coming here. Were the people who suggested that you don't devote much time on blogging singers of your same kind of music?

    Oh, and My Space will always have a special place in my heart! I think the changes they made stink really bad, but My Space will always be the social network I use to find new music ;D.

    I hope I can send you my guest post soon! ;)

    Hugs and have a great week! :D

  2. hey miki! :hugs: i've missed you so.

    among the folks who said blogging wasn't all that important were a concert promoter and a digital strategist.

    it was suggested that in the music world, when "industry" people look at my "digital footprint" as an artist, facebook likes are more important than gfc followers, for example. since everyone in the world (literally) is on facebook, and gfc is only a small community.

    this may be true... but what's that thing about... quality over quantity? lol. anyone can buy 1,000 likes on facebook. to have a successful blog, you actually have to be entertaining.

    just sayin... :P

  3. sounds like you had a great weekend don't stop blogging I just found you lol


  4. love that you are continuing to blog and be expressive and real!
    Oh, and you should totally rock that myspace bag..too cool. haha.

    xo katie

  5. Never stop doing what you love! Too many people do.

  6. I think you just do what makes you happy and other things will come, but of course putting more effort into "marketing" ourselves does help. :)

    I laughed when I saw the Myspace bag before even reading. I forgot it even exists, but it used to be such an internet presence in my life. So weird.


  7. i'm not stopping anytime soon, carrie! maybe just dialing it back a bit :)

    thank you everyone for your support... i'm totally rocking the myspace bag fo sho'!

  8. The cool thing about blogging is people become fans of your music AND also feel like they get to know you personally too! As much as I love Facebook updates on my fave bands, I spend WAY more time reading posts from my favorite bloggers! I love to see what you and others do day to day! So... I guess it's good to appeal on both platforms.

    I'm really looking forward to your blog party! Being back and school and trying to nail down my "dream" life, I'm looking for all the inspiration I can find lately! :)

  9. this is exactly it! when i started *real* blogging, it was for non-musical reasons. but through that, people were organically interested in what else i did, and found my music... i've seen this work for a ton of girls, not just me!

    and sorry, but i've made more real connections with people in six months of blogging than i have in five YEARS of playing shows, myspacing, facebooking, twitter, reverb nation,, email list-sending, and the like...

    i'm glad you're excited lisa!! it's gonna be awesome! i'm planning on announcing the list of participants real soon :)


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