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color theories

a few weeks ago, i ordered a book called wishcraft, referred to me by another book i was reading.

i received a version with a super fun, cheesy 70's cover, which sort of deterred me from taking it seriously at first. but it's been a pretty decent read.

so far, there have been a lot of exercises asking you to look at yourself in a ways that you wouldn't normally. one in particular asked that we see ourselves as our favorite color.

what's different about this is that it's not supposed to be you, simply describing the color. no. we become the color and THEN describe ourselves as that color. if that makes any sense. for instance "i am pink. i am girly." etc.

of course this IS just another way of seeing ourselves. but the point is to get us to see from the outside, without any of your own judgements and perceptions of yourself clouding the way.

i couldn't choose just one, so i picked green and aqua.

for green i wrote- bright, cheery, fresh. happy, carefree, full of life.

it's interesting. i do believe this description *is* chantilly at her essence...

but here in the "real world", i don't often get to see this side of myself as much as i'd like. i actually often forget about this side of myself. which is maybe why i like to have it around- as an unconsious reminder that this is who i am at my core.

i also discovered aqua or mint green is a color i wear when i want to feel special. usually just as an accent color, or a color i use in my surroundings.

my urban ears headphones...
urban ears

my nails...
nail chips

for insance, you might notice it's been the preferred color of my blog design for quite some time.

i think back at the times in my life when i've worn aqua, and it was often a time when i wanted to feel a certain nice feeling about myself- not particularly for anyone else. just for me.

also, i was once told by an energy healer (i was wearing turquoise/ aqua at the time), that the energy inside me sometimes burns especially hot. so it made sense that i preferred cooler tones to balance it out.

it's interesting to think how a little thing like color affects our lives, and reflects our personalities.

~what are your favorite colors?
~if you were to "become" that color, what would it say about itself?
~what is your relationship to it, and what does it say about you?



  1. I've never been able to pick out a favorite color because I am to wishy washy (that probably says plenty about me.)

    But, I think my favorite color combo is pink, yellow, & red. Because I think it's sweet, vibrate & fun.
    Which I guess I think I am too.

  2. my favorite color is also green, but a more muted, earthy, sage green. i surround myself with it more in my living space than i do in my clothing, actually. my couch in green, as is the blanket on my bed. as green, i am healthy, lush, quiet, serene, and growing. these are definitely qualities that don't necessarily describe me, but are more feelings that i try to emulate when i feel anxious or out of control. very interesting exercise!

  3. What an interesting approach to learning more about oneself! This reminds me of the fact that when someone asks me to say something I like about myself, I usually don't know what to say. Maybe I should do this exercise to be able to see myself better from the outside ... But I wouldn't know what color to choose as my favorite! I love most of them, haha.

    Btw, love your headphones! ;)

    Happy Thursday! ;D

  4. What a beautiful post. The idea of the book is really interesting. Sometimes I wonder...if I were to pass ME on the street...would I recognize myself? Do I look the way I think I look when people see me or would I look like a complete stranger. I've always been attracted to the jewel tone family of colors. I wonder what that says about me? Deep purples, dark and rich greens, and garnet. Right now I'm wearing indigo tights. The energy healer sounds really neat. I like what she said about why you are attracted to cooler tones. Love this post - PS you and your aqua loving self are fabulous!

  5. Green and aqua look AWESOME together which means you must be a really beautiful combination of a person Chantilly! What a fun post.

    My favorite color is also green but I might have to think on your other two questions a bit before I'd be able to give an answer!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog girl! Would LOVE to be in a band someday! I know it'd be a whole different game learning to improv with other musicians. Sounds wayyyy fun!

  6. I too love green, mint and a deep forest green, olive...all variations really Loving your blog so happy to have stumbled across it! Very honest, unpretentious and inspiring, a joy to read. Definitely following.

  7. I've been coveting those headphones in the same shade- I love mint green too! Are they the Urbanears? Do you like them?

  8. This is so interesting to read. I've always trouble trying to choose a favorite color, I really love some shades of green, blue & red. If I have to choose one it'll be burgundy.

  9. loren- you sound like a beautiful soul :)

    ali- i would say that if those are the qualities you have associated with the color of sage green, you may want to take an unbiased look at yourself again... you're probably more like that than you thought. i think you've got it backwards... you THINK the anxiousness etc. is *you*, but it's not. just a negative feeling that has attached itself to you when you feel fear and other negative energy...

    miki- i'd love to know your findings! i think this could be a really good thing for you to see yourself more positively.

    jenna- what do YOU think the jewel tones say about you? it's all about your perception of those colors from the outside! re: healing- there's a place in the city where i go sometimes for guided meditation, and at the end there is a brief donation-based energy healing. it's interesting, and you can learn a lot! their advice can be hit-or-miss, but i always find myself feeling cleansed afterward.

    courtney- that's the cool thing. your color might be green too, but it could have a completely different meaning to you than me! also, i have no idea how to improv... i just play chords and write melodies :)

    bird on a wire- another green gal, eh? so many of us! i'm glad you like what you see here :)

    lisa- they are urban ears! another reader asked me about them privately, and i'll tell you what i told her... they're just okay for sound quality, slightly uncomfortable after you've been wearing them a long time, but the design is a+ beautiful.

    isi- i wonder what burgundy would say about itself if you were her?

  10. that first image with the sticky notes is a lovely find.

    i love me some bright bold colors, orange.

  11. My color favorites are all over the place. I love reds, bright blues and greens, and purple. I'm not sure what that says about me. Than again I am all over the place in real life.

  12. i love this post - its a really interesting way of thinking about colour. If i was a colour i would definitely be a rich plummy red. This is the colour i'm most drawn to in the spectrum (as well as the oranges and purples that are next to it). I suppose to me red is warm, a bit fiery, full of life, confident, embued with a kind of richness (and maybe a hint of danger?). I feel much more "me" when I wear it :)

  13. Anonymous10/13/2011

    What kind of headphones are those????? I am in love….

  14. they're called urban ears!



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