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easy bake

anyone out there ever heard of robicelli's? well, evidently they're the best cupcakes in new york. they were recommended to me via twitter friends, and i stopped into a store that carried them one day after yoga to try them.

it was love.

then a few days later, the feeling came over me again. you know that feeling... you just want a really good cupcake and nothing else will do?? i was blinded by pure, filthy cake lust.

but getting those specific robicelli's ones was inconvenient and out of the way, so i had to settle for this:


not only that, but i soon realized that my ex-roommate had totally taken our cupcake pans when she moved out. not even for the first time, either. she previously had to buy us new ones when she stole away ours to her boyfriend's house the first time.

it would have to be regular ole' cake for me...

cake 2

i mixed the frosting with some cocoa to make the little heart. it was good... but i still yearn for tiny little cakes made of pumpkin chocolate cheescake...


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  1. Ahhhhh!! That looks soooo yummy. I am a sucker for sweets. (Not the best idea for diabetics but I just can't help it!) I'm making a mental note if I ever visit NY to go to Robicelli's :)

  2. "cake lust" hahahaha! LOVE THAT! :D
    I fall victim all the time to my food lusts...

    Des, Mano y Metal.

  3. Thats a cute cake!! But I don't like strawberry cake or frosting :/

  4. Aaah, that cake looks SO yummy! :P I need a slice, please!

    Pumpkin chocolate cheesecake? That's something I need to look into! ;)

    Hope you're getting ready for the weekend! ;P


  5. yum o!!!! Cute blog

  6. jenna- you can always make recipes with stevia, which is i think what my mom does!

    des- cake lust is a real and powerful thing.

    lou- girrrl, you're missing out!

    miki- you would not be disappointed ;)

    carrie- thank you :)


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