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heart strings

i came across an online tutorial recently for making paper heart garlands. i decided to try it out for myself the other night, in an attempt to spruce up my office...

studio heart 3

heart string

most cats love string, but thelonious here is obsessed. she was VERY interested in what i was doing, and made it a little hard to get the project done!

theloni heart 2

anyway, all i did was cut some hearts out of a random old magazine...

magazine heart

and hot-glued them across a long piece of yarn.

glue gun heart

theloni heart

it was super easy! it took me maybe 30 minutes.

heart studio

if i could remember where i saw this idea, i would totally link back to credit it. but i can't remember... if any of you out there can give me the link, let me know!

next, i'm going to try elizabeth's bunting tutorial.


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  1. That's so simple and so cute :)

  2. Super cute idea! And your garland is lovely dear Chantilly!

  3. i just salvaged a whole bunch of orange fabric to make a fall garland.. i think i'm going to make leaves instead of hearts. yours turned out really nice! definitely adds some whimsy wherever you hang it.

  4. This is really cute! Thats such a neat idea to do it with magazine clippings, it makes them very vibrant and contrast nicely against one another.

  5. Cute idea. I am currently working on a fabric banner

  6. Oh, how pretty! I love garlands of any type, but heart garlands are one of my favourites. Great use for old magazine pages too! I have a damaged copy of Frankie that I got from work which I'm meaning to make into some kind of paper craft.

  7. aw I love this :o)

  8. Cute! I had a cat that looked almost exactly like your cat when I was young. Her name was Pepper :)

  9. Very cute. Its very simple but charming at the same time.

  10. Oh my goodness..this is so cute!
    I need to do this!

    xo katie


  11. this is so cute, totally what i need in my bedroom! thanks for sharing :D xx

  12. Awe, Thelonious is so cute!!! :D Nice garland, too!

  13. glad i could help everyone out with some inspiration! hope you're all having a lovely day so far :)



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