in which i tease you... | Chantilly

in which i tease you...

i'm sorry to be so bad :P i'm just too excited.

i actually don't have a date set for the party just yet... but i wanted to share with you some of the AMAZING musicians, bloggers, business owners, and personalities who are going to be a part of this!! i'm shooting for the beginning of november.

so many inspiring people who i adore!!

get psyched!

Blog party guests

spinner's endThe Lovely LightHue and Hum

Little Chief HoneybeeLove, ElyciaJessi Robertson

ManzanitaA is for ampersandJeremy Larson

Ruby Slipper JourneysLaughing w/ Broken EyesMiki's Scrapbook

Flex Family ArtsAlyson GreenfieldSew Beastly



  1. Very very cool lady! Can't wait for the party! I wish I could've have participated but I didn't think I fit the bill!

  2. you would've totally fit the bill jenna! i would've loved to have you :)


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