a peek at my studio... | Chantilly

a peek at my studio...

remember all those ikea trips i was talking about a few weeks back? well this is the result of my efforts...

sans the heart garlands you saw yesterday

i've been wanting to section off this portion of our apartment for ages. not only to have an office for personal things, but teaching music students, which i'm trying to acquire more of.

(if you're interested in lessons with me, check out my info page & email to inquire on availability!)

even though finding and keeping students is harder than one might think, i now feel like i'm just that much closer to having a "legit" studio to teach them in.


sometimes i still can't believe that despite being broke, as well as everything else that's wrong with life, i somehow managed to be living in this lovely space that i adore- big enough so that i can have my own studio.

i feel blessed.

on a semi-related note, i just got booked to play a set at pete's candy store on november 3rd!! this is awesome news, as i have not played a show since the northside festival in june. and i love this venue! the music space in the back is made out of an old train car (not kidding.)

if you are in the ny metro area, or are visiting around this time, you should come and check it out!



  1. I love the tree fabric!

  2. congrats on your show! i'm marking my calendar right now and if i can make it, i'll be there with bells on cheering for you. i love the fabric you used to section off your studio, so cute. definitely a space to be thankful for!

  3. thank you amanda!

    i would *love* to see you there ali!!

  4. LOVE your office/lesson space! Looks great. :) And I understand about being broke yet feeling blessed! Story of my life! :)

  5. Yippee for the show! Looks like your place is awesome and big AND in New York! Good luck with the new music lesson venture!

  6. Your place looks lovely!! So light and fresh! Congrats on the gig!! Wish I wasn't thousands of miles away!

  7. Awe!!! Congrats on the show! :D I'd love to go see you!!!

    And I love the pattern in the fabric! Hope you get lots of students! ;)


  8. I wish I could be at your gig. One day I'll make it!

  9. I was just at Ikea last week, and I was looking at that exact fabric!! It's gorgeous, isn't it?! Your space looks so fresh and charming as well. Before I moved last time, I used to give piano lessons part time...definitely lots of fun to be teaching what you love. I was a pretty sad when I moved to have to refer my students elsewhere. Congrats on booking another show...that venue sounds awesome! Will you be recording it?

  10. thank you everyone, for being so supportive about the lesson venture and the show! i feel the love. you're like the sisters i never had :)

    marisa- that's so cool that you were looking at the same fabric! i was trying to find one of the cheaper ones, but it wasn't in stock. + i hope to record the performance!!


  11. That is the cutest print on that fabric! I love it!

    Looks like such a nice cozy place!

    xo katie

  12. that fabric is fabulous! your place looks great girl!
    xo TJ

  13. Amazing fabric separator and congrats on having your own space for teaching.


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