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salted caramel apples

i don't know if i've mentioned this on my blog or not, but one of my favorite parts of fall is caramel apples. even just typing the words made a little homer simpson drool come out of the corner of my mouth...

i attempted to make them the other day for the first time... they came out delicious and weird, but mostly delicious.

so let's go over what i did!

what you need:
1 bag of caramels
2 tbs milk
1 bag of walnuts
1 tbs salt
four or five medium apples
some sticks

i ate some of the caramels beforehand, so i probably didn't have the full amount i was supposed to :)

carmels package

i unwrapped all the caramels one by one, and plopped them into this sauce pan with the 2tbs milk. then set it on a low-medium heat, and stirred it around constantly until it melted. add salt.

caramels pan
caramel drip

i had no sticks, which i do NOT recommend. the first apple, i just plopped right into the caramel all by itself and spooned it out (BIG MISTAKE.) by the second apple, i at least wised up and dipped it in with a fork...

caramel dip

i also gradually learned that it was best to let the caramel cool slightly on the apple... so that it was more sticky and less melty when i went to roll it in the walnuts.

caramel wait

rolling them in the nuts... i honestly think i was supposed to use a different nut other than walnut, but it was really delicious either way. the only thing i'd recommend is a finer chopped nut than the one seen here.

caramel roll nuts

in the end the apples beat me.

the type of caramel i used, plus the cumbersome walnuts were the downfall. eventually all the nuts pretty much slipped all the way to the bottom. even so, they were more delicious than i thought possible.

ps, you should've seen me eating these with just my fingers...

caramel apples

oh well, it was a (tasty) experiment...


  1. Mmm. I don't blame you for waiting to have sticks. They look so delicious. What is fall without at least one caramel apple? :)


  2. I love caramel apples now I want one bad lol they are very messy to make but worth it in the end!

  3. AHH! that looks so delicious! now i'm hungry!

    xo katie

  4. Who cares how they look as long as it tastes great, right? ;) Yuuum. I just had my first candied apple tonight at the fair. Should have gotten a caramel one instead, haha.

  5. Ă‘aaaaaaaaaaam! (as we say here!)
    how tasty! I ll try it!

  6. Looks really delicious!!! Def. one of my favorite parts of fall, too. Can't get enough. :)

  7. Yum, yum! :P I want one! Or maybe two? Hehe.

    Btw, I'm thinking about a special post for you ;D! I'll let you know when it's ready, k?



  8. sara- the fall is nothing without a caramel apple :)

    i agree with all of you... who cares that i ended up with caramel and nuts smeared all over my mouth and fingers, like a crazy like a crazy caramel apple freak? worth it in the end.

    miki- can't wait to see!!


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