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saturday pretties

good morning friends!

i thought it a nice day to share the rest of the pictures i took from my trip to mystic a few months ago. i uploaded these photos to flickr, and sort of just forgot about them. i don't know how! they're too pretty to forget.

but looking at these and some of the other pictures from that trip makes me a little sad... my parents had to put down one of the family dogs this week :( although her spirit was somehow just as happy and beautiful as ever, her body was breaking down at too fast a rate this time. it was the humane thing to do.

even so, these are from a chocolate shop we visited. i hope they make your mouth water and cheer you up from my gloomy story...

munson's chocolates sign

munson's chocolates

swedish fish

jelly beanz

munson's smores

ah, chocolate and death. the circle of life...



  1. These are so pretty that I almost think they would be too pretty to eat! Then I realize they're chocolate and change my mind ;-) I'm so sorry about your dog, though... It's especially hard when they dont seem sick but you know how bad off they really are.

  2. love these pretty and and tempting pictures :o)

  3. These pictures are really pretty! And everything looks yummy! :p

    I'm so sorry about your parents' dog :(. But I totally agree in putting pets to sleep if there's no other cure for what they have and they are in pain. When we had to do this with Sophie, my 20-year-old cat, it was extremely sad. Sometimes, when we talk about it with my sister, we compare it to when my mom passed ... crazy! But then again pets are such a big part of our lives! I'm sure your dog is grateful he or she didn't have to suffer any more ;).

    Have a nice long weekend! ;D

  4. Awww : ( I'm so sorry about the family pup. It seems like she lived a great long life with lots of people who loved her though and that's something to smile about. Lots of love and thoughts to you and your family and to the family pup that is galavanting around like a puppy in puppy heaven!

    PS - that chocolate looks divine and the swedish fish...yum!

  5. So sorry to hear about your doggy. It's one of the hardest things to deal with.
    All these sweet treats look delicious.

  6. Wonderful photos!
    I am so sorry to hear about your dog!

  7. aww so cool you went to mystic i've always wanted to go there. the chocolate looks delicious and so sorry to hear about the dog.

  8. i really, seriously appreciate everyone's comments about my dog. she was such a sweetie... it's going to be weird when i go up to visit again, and she won't be there.

    thank you all for your thoughts :)


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