October 15, 2011

sponsor spotlight!

time to honor the lovely ladies (and men) of the hour... my beautiful sponsors who bring such light into my life.

i love their cute little buttons on my sidebar. i love all the pretty pictures and sassy words on their blogs.

i love them.

flex family arts

HI! I am Amanda, one half of the flex family arts team. My Mister (James) and I spend our time making art, checking out new music, laughing and dreaming up our next project. We have a Baby Flex who lives with us and keeps us pretty entertained and we recently got engaged! Our blog is about our work, our lives and our love for each other.

We are currently offering a Fall sale, get 20% off using the coupon code FALL2011 in both our embroidery shops and get BOGO pin back button sets in our Squidflex shop!



Hello Chantilly readers! I'm Miss Lou the girl behind eLousions. I love vintage, thrifting, coffee, analog photography and a lot more. You can read about all these things, plus outfit post, peeks into my days, fun and silly vlogs and more... I also just re-opened my shop where you'll be able to find lots of treasures; vintage purses, old rare books, vintage-retro clothing, and more to come.


blythe ponytail parades

My name is Violet and I like pretty things and taking pictures. I am 22 years old and work in publishing and photography. In my spare time, I do freelance graphic design, painting, DIYs and shopping! This blog is mostly about my business, Violet Short Photography. It's also about life, art, DIYs, antiques, fashion, and other obsessions! I am constantly trying to spread new ideas, creations and beautiful images. Hope you enjoy! XOXO Violet

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no mark at all

No Mark At All is the photography blog of Rachell Taylor, a nature and food photographer in Seattle. Check out her blog for her dream portrait lists, giveaways, tips and tricks from around the web, and lovely prints from photographers she admires!

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miss kait online

Hello dears! I'm Kait, from Miss Kait Online. I'm a girl from Toronto, Ontario who loves everything vintage, hand-made, DIYs, fashion, photography, tea, cupcakes, gluten-free & ecofriendly things! I'm a firm believer that sandwiches taste better cut diagonally. I blog about all of the above! Nice to meet all of you! :)


mary rebecca

Hello! My name is Mary Rebecca and I run a blog under the same name. There you will find crafts, photography, my adventures, and cats! It's a catch-all of everything I find interesting, funny, or inspiring. :) Since October is my FAVORITE month I am jam-packing my blog with a lot of great guest posts, giveaways, and general spookiness.

Added Bonus: For the whole month of October use coupon code PUMPKINKING for free shipping in my Etsy shop!


flutter happy

Hi! I'm Arvee and I blog over at Flutter Happy, where I share little things about my life. I love all things beautiful and cute, and anything artsy-craftsy. I love Nancy Drew, Michael Crichton, the smell of new books and the sweet aroma of coffee.I love meeting new people, so why don't you come over my blog and say hi! ♥


pixie mama
center parcs 146

Hey! I’m Polly and I blog over at Pixie Mama. I’m a full time crafty mama to my three home-schooled girls. I blog daily about our life, my crafts and what inspires me. I design and make bohemain jewellery and upcycled clothing which I sell in my etsy shop – This Enchanted Pixie. I love to meet new friends – so be sure to stop by and say hi!

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feminine uniquenew

Hello dear readers of Chantilly Songs! My name is Courtney and I blog over at Femine.Unique.New. Those three words describe my personal style which is ever changing as I journey through life. I'm excited about traveling, reading books, drinking tea, eating healthy foods, being active, learning about God, meeting new friends, designing clothes, and being inspired. I hope you'll come say hi. I'd love to meet you!


sew beastly

Hello Chantilly readers! I am Citlalli, and I am the heart and hands behind Sew Beastly. My blog is full of ruffles, inspiration, and handmade goodness. Stop by my shoppe and browse through my mix of handmade accessories. Stop by, say hello, and let's connect!


lala fauxbois

Hello! I'm Lisa from lala fauxbois, where I blog about my obsessions
with traveling, vintage, and making stuff. I'm a kitty lovin' girl
with dreams of living in the Brady Bunch house and flying around the
world in a mint green airplane. I'd love it if you came by to say hi!


just because by leelee

Hello!! I'm Lily, a fashion designer from Colombia living in Miami, FL. I love everything cute, photography, and vintage. When I am not working, I spend my days sewing, reading blogs, and taking pictures. I love to travel and to meet new people. I blog about my adventures in Miami, my trips, my inspirations, the things I love, and the things I love making!



  1. Thanks Chantilly! I love it!

  2. Lovely new people to meet!! Love it! Thanks girl!!

  3. Anonymous10/18/2011

    Woohoo! Thanks :) Loving all the new blog friends!


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