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two years ago, my best friend moved away to seattle.

at the time, i was going through some depression, and still didn't have many friends in the city. she felt like the only person i could really talk to. her leaving made me feel lonely, and i thought i would never find a friend like her again.

well, things have since changed. and even though i've found more companions along the way, this girl is still irreplaceable. she came back to the city last week, hopefully for good! we got together at her amazing, rent-controlled apartment on the upper west side on saturday, and chatted over beers.

louisa darling
louisa 1

louisa 2

she may not look it, but this woman is literally like a vault of my secrets.

she probably knows everything about me. but the best part is- positive or negative, there are absolutely no judgements. all the ways that i can be awful, petty, jealous, obsessive... she loves me anyway. i can't tell you how comforting that is.

we've been through a lot of similar circumstances, so there's a strong bond. we can literally spend 8 hour straight talking, and not feel bored or exhausted. it's energizing!!

she's always got these little treasure boxes stowed away full of lace, glitter, and jewels. they give me warm fuzzies to look at.

jewel box


chan louisa 1

chan louisa 2

do you have a best friend?
someone who keeps your secrets?
are they near or far?




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  1. My best friend lives in the same town as me - but it's a hard kind of relationship because she has a younger sister who is my age and jealous of our friendship - so not much of her family likes me! However, she knows my secrets :) When we are singing in the car, the inflections of our voices are the same. we giggle in unison. she knows when I'm down even if she hasn't seen me or talked to me in a few days.

    Best friends are the epitome of amazing. :)

  2. I'm lucky enough to live with my best friend in the world which is amazing. But one of my very very close friends just moved away and i miss her so much. I'm glad your best friend is back!

  3. your post make me cry, because from a long time i suffer that two of my best friends live so far away from me.

    happy for you

    just find your blog BTW and i'm following. you really touch my heart.

  4. what a beautiful story!! and how blessed you are to have her back so close by!!

    my best friend actually just died two months ago. She knew everything about me. Understood me like no other. So I know exactly how you feel!!


  5. oh no, i certainly didn't mean to make anyone cry or be sad!

    even though some of you might be missing your bff's... part of the story was alluding to the fact that you never know when they might come back! or find someone new to connect with.

    there are so many wonderful souls out there in the universe!

    (em- i do know about karina, and am so sorry. it must be a horrible feeling.)

  6. I have a best friend just like that. She knows everything about me, and has never judged me. Not once. Not even when she's found out some stuff that could have made our friendship really awkward. <3

    She lives several states away (3hr plane ride/13 hour car/train ride :-P) - which sometimes seems like it might as well be the other side of the world! But we make it work by texting ever day, and calling each other/video chatting sometimes. :) Still, I can't wait to see her again in March - I've been counting down the months since August. <3

  7. I don't see my best friend that much but I love her so much and this made me happy not sad :)

  8. I thought I did - but that's another thing. There is a huge change going on in my life at the moment and I'm becoming a foster Mum however the three friends who I would class as my best friends have all had quite negative/hurtful opinions about the situation which is kinda hard.

    On the other hand I have two friends who I would call my best friends and they have been amazing - one is in Norwich - which is about two hours from where I live in Bedford and the other is in Wollongong in Australia!

    So on the grand scale they are far away from me but I love them all the same.

    It's hard but I have CJ who is like my best friend as well - but sometimes you need girlie time that's for sure

  9. I'm so happy for you that your bestie is back! Mine moved to Italy 6 years ago. There's no sign of her coming back since she married an Italian and they just bought an apartment there :) At least I get to see her a couple times a year!
    Happy Thanksgiving! Best of luck with Kickstarter- I'm posting a link on my blog today and rooting for you!

  10. This is incredibly sweet! Even though I had a falling out with my best friend & it's been a bit hard it made me smile :)

  11. Awe, these pics are so adorable! I have a BFF that is in Argentina. I miss spending time together doing all the things we used to do such as going to concerts, going out for brunch or tea ... And at the same time I don't miss her because we keep in touch constantly and I know our friendship will never be affected by the distance ;D. It's so comforting to know you can count on someone 100% even when you can't see them!


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