Blog party schedule!! | Chantilly

Blog party schedule!!

i'm so excited... here it is!!

the official schedule and finalized list of peeps partying down with me this friday.... culminating in the launch of the kickstarter campaign for my new EEEEE PEEEEE!!!!

these wonderful girls have given their time, made thoughtful gestures, said kind words, and will be sharing their knowledge, stories, and dreams of becoming self-made women.

let's have a round of applause and some huge cyber-hugs! the party couldn't have happened without them!!

Blog party schedule

and in case you're not up to speed- i'm chantilly.

i'm a singer-songwriter with dreams of creative, spiritual, and financial fulfillment.

i made a new set of recordings, and need some help in the financial department, so i'm launching a kickstarter this friday... with the help of these ladies!!

to make sure you don't miss a second of the action, be sure you're following me!!
and follow these jerks while you're at it :P

Hue and Hum
Ruby Slipper Journeys
Blowfish Shoes
Miki's Scrapbook
Sew Beastly
Love, Elycia
Laughing w/ Broken Eyes
Little Chief Honeybee
A is for ampersand

xoxoxo! see you there!


  1. Eeeek! I am SOOOO excited, yes THAT excited, it's going to be a blast!

  2. i know, i'm so happy!!

  3. Yay! :D I'm happy to be part of it!

  4. This is such a wonderful idea! Can't wait :)

  5. Ooh how exciting! I haven't forgotten but more so put off telling you how much I appreciate the CD you sent to me a month ago for the giveaway. I've been meaning to make one big post about all the things I've won but I have still yet to receive them all. I feel bad for waiting so long to thank everyone, so here is my thank you and appreciation :) Love it!

  6. i'm happy everyone's so excited! i've been so nervous & stressed putting this all together in the past couple days, but so far it's started with a bang!!

    hanner- no worries about it! i'm just glad you got the cd, and you are enjoying it!! xx

  7. What fun!!! I love to find new, wonderful blogs to follow. :)


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