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Blowfish & Sew Beastly giveaways- New entry method

how's everyone doing today?!

i hope you enjoyed my blog party on friday. i'd like to thank everyone again who participated, and also those who joined with us! it was a huge success, and i'm thinking about doing another one really soon!

however, i've been hoping to spread the word a bit more about my ep and kickstarter. so i came up with a new bonus entry method for the blog party giveaways, that i hope will help!!

all you have to do is share my kickstarter link :)

~if you tweet, facebook, or blog about my kickstarter (with the link), go ahead and put yourself down for one more entry. (please tag me with @chantillysongs on twitter, and leave the link of your share.)

~if you put up a widget on your site (found on the kickstarter page), that's two entries. (make sure you leave a comment for EACH entry.)

**remember, you must be a chantillysongs follower and have a look through the blowfish/ sew beastly stores to qualify :)**

again, the link to the kickstarter page is RIGHT HERE.

the links to the giveaways are here:

blowfish giveawaysew beastly giveaway

thanks everyone, and hope you had a good weekend!

see you tomorrow. xx


  1. thanks for the giveaways :)

    i also have two on going on my blog right now, you might want to check them out :)

  2. Iam blog follower


    anna_k67 at yahoo dot com

  3. i freakin' love these shoes!! just tweeted!!



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