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Chantilly makes an EP...

phew! so how is everyone doing out there? overwhelmed, or totally energized?!

i'm so happy to have shared my space with some of my favorite and admired bloggers to talk about their inspirations and dreams. you guys helped the site top out around 500 pageviews today for this party!! that's a record for me, and i can't even believe it!

so now, it's my turn... time to talk about my dream!

which is simple, or so it seems. all i've ever wanted was to be an artist. my dreams have always, ALWAYS centered around seeking independence, expression, and carving out a place of my own in the world.

chantilly northside fest

then. because i had a restless urge to do so, i went and made a new ep.
but before i can put it out, i need to recoup some of my finances. so today, i set up a kickstarter to help me fund it.

a few things:

~ this record is REALLY REALLY AWESOME.. we worked hard and put a lot of love, care, and magic into it.

~ this is an exciting thing for me to do!! wouldn't you be??? a new creative work! i'm thrilled and excited to finally show it off.

~ using kickstarter for this is a frightning thing to do, and it's also hard to ask for help. if i don't raise at least my goal amount, i won't get anything. i've seen other artists/ acquaintainces ask for $5,000+ dollars, and totally meet their goals. however, i'm scared i won't meet mine.

i'm giving myself 33 days to raise $2,000 dollars, which will cover some of the costs.

oh... and as you might know. If I don't make my goal, i get nothing.

bummer, right?? let's not let that happen.

chantilly outfit 8

i feel like the universe is finally pointing my life a direction that i like. and everything i've been telling you guys about for the past few months is coming true. doors are opening. things are looking good.

still, i'm afraid.

but lucky for me, i've never let fear stop me from doing anything i've ever wanted to. it sure won't now!

i regret nothing, even if i fail.

chan outfit 6

i want to be surrounded with life, creativity and artists doing their work. i want to be safe and secure in my finances. i want space enough to work uninterrupted. i want the freedom to be myself- unapologetically. support- from friends, family, loved ones, followers, and fans.

so if you believe in these things too, and want me to keep going... consider contributing to this lifelong dream of mine. i would be honored and appreciative to the maxx.

next step after that? Tell people about it! I will need help getting some buzz going, for sure- facebook, twitter, your blog, email... whatevs :)

creating is why I live and breathe. if you're an artist too, you understand. if nothing else, this work is something i'm completely proud to have put into recorded form. i hope you will enjoy it someday soon, too.

so that's it. help out if you can. enjoy your night :)

thank you. xoxoxo,

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  1. AWE! I LOVE this video, Chantilly! :D Still haven't read the post because I wanted to see the video first. I'll share it everywhere. All the bets luck!

    As I've told you before, I think you're super talented and fresh and a great person; you deserve the world!

    Tight hugs!


  2. chan -- it came out great, cat mom! congratz and i wish you much luck!! xo, maeve

  3. The video was so sweet!!! I wish you the greatest of luck on chasing your dreams!

    hugs :):):)

  4. that video is awesome!! that is soo exciting for you!! good luck!!

  5. thank you girls :) i could totally still use some help, so if you haven't donated already, consider doing so! xx

  6. I love the video, it looks like it was fun to make and your voice is amazing! Good luck girl! I hope you make it to your goal and beyond! I was a few days behind on reading but the blog party was great- so many inspirational posts!

  7. lisa, i'm so glad you liked the video! it took a *very* long time to make, but i'm happy how it came out in the end.

    i'm happy you also liked the blog party! i'd hoped it would be inspiring for everyone. xx


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