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dangle that carrot

greetings! time for a monday style post...

chan outfit 1

i spent the weekend taking a bit of a blog break. i had a major fun time on friday with the party, but it was stressful getting everything together, as you can imagine.

and then the KICKSTARTER... oh boy. i'm still nervous about that, even though i should *probably* be talking about how exciting it is. and i mean sure. it's a pretty awesome and amazing thing to do... but putting yourself out there in that way can be scary!

and to promote it properly, i'm gonna have to be all up in yo' face about this for the next month. which is not usually my style, but it must be done.

well. if anything, at least the stress hasn't affected my moves...

chan outfit 4

aw yeah, i still got it...

chan outfit 5

can't touch this.

chan outfit 7

shirt- ebay
cardi- thrifted
scarf- anthropologie
skirt- thrifted ($2.50!!)
gloves- u.o.
tights- we love colors (microfiber tights in rust)
jack booties c/o blowfish shoes

chan outfit 9

chan outfit 8

hope everyone had a great weekend and wonderful monday.

by the way, do you like this as my new signature??




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  1. love the new Blowfish shoes!!


  2. You are too cuteee! Great look, my dear! As always! Love the roof pictures!
    And your new signature rules.. just sayin!


  3. thank you girllss!! i think i'm gonna keep the signature :P

  4. Ah, I love colorful outfits! :p You look adorable and pic #4, wow!

    Yes, keep this signature ;)!

    I'm glad to know you had a nice weekend!

  5. Adorable photos! I love the pseudo Christmas colors.

  6. ah, christmas colors... i did not think of that! the orange and green reminded me more of a carrot... hence the title :P

  7. i'm digging your booties.


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