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blowfish jack booties

the wonder of the jack booties by blowfish. it took me awhile to get these babies, as there were some annoyances with fedex. but i'm soooo totally happy that they are here now!! they will be PERFECT for the end of fall and winter. :excite:

blowfish jack booties 2

actually, i'm gonna let you in on a little secret... blowfish generously offered to give away a pair of shoes for my blog party as well!! you could totally have a pair for yourself :)

now, i know i've been talking a big game about this blog party and not delivering the goods. i'm sorry. i meant for it to happen much sooner, but there have been some technical snags with the video.

however, i think we're in the clear, so i'm gonna go ahead and set the date... for this friday, november 18th!!

more info to come tomorrow...

in the meantime, just enjoy the shoe porn :)

blowfish jack booties 3



  1. those look so cute and sooooo comfy cozy.


  2. Wow! They're amazing! I so need to go shoe shopping. I should've packed all of my shoes before I moved, grrrr.

    Yay for the blog the party! :P


  3. This boots look so comfy and so perfect for winter. Love it :) -akiko


  4. They look so snuggly and fashionable at the same time! Plus, LOVE the color bb! Totally want them, thanks for sharing!!



  5. i love these, so cosy looking. i bought a pair similar last year but returned because they were too flat and uncomfy so the tiny little block heel on this looks like a good addition!

  6. @ everyone- yup, they're totally dreamy :)

  7. I've been swooning over those shoes for a while now, they're gorgeous and perfect for this weather! but blowfish shoes are quite expensive over here in germany, and the shipping costs almost as much as the shoes, ugh! I'll keep looking at yours for now :)

  8. oh no- i hate that! i'm sure they will go on sale eventually though. i was swooning over the javas last summer... then blowfish had a crazy sale & i ended up getting 2 pair!

  9. I love these, I've already been checking them out at Blowfish! Are they as warm as they look? :-)


  10. well, they're not as heavy leather- they're faux. but i did wear them yesterday when it was COLD out. they are definitely comfy and warm!


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