November 07, 2011

fake plastic trees

this is going to be the shortest style post in history.

chan outfit 4

i busted loose from the city this weekend, and have been spending time in rhode island... gathering stories and taking pictures :)

i love the chance for a background change for my outfit photos. so i was psyched to get in front of the pretty green things that i am so unaccustomed to seeing. however when i went to the task, i found myself confronted with an almost-full memory card AND a battery running out of power.

i only got a few good shots in before the camera called it quits on me...

chan outfit 1

scarf- urban outfitters
shirt- ebay
cardigan- thrifted
skirt- heritage 1981
tights- microfiber tights in teal, c/o we love colors
shoes- blowfish jeno boots

chant outfit 2

hope you had a lovely weekend <3


  1. Love that song! And your outfit! And the scenery! Have a super fun week, Chantilly! :P


  2. I love your scarf and your tights!

  3. These photos are really lovely. I like your color combo & the mixing of your florals. To bad your battery died, hope Rhode Island is a blast!

  4. I love your mix of patterns :o)

  5. well hello! just stumbled on your blog & had to follow. adorable wear color so well.

  6. These pictures are so beautiful, and so are you! I love your outfit! Especially the blue tights! <3

  7. Such pretty pictures, love the outfit!

  8. absolutely love your outfit!

  9. Gorgeous photos, perfect style!

  10. What fun colors! Such a let down when the camera battery dies. I always hate it when that happens. Way to get some cute shots before it happened though!

  11. Oh my...I haven't heard that song in ages and gosh it was always one of my favorites. Now I feel the urge to go digging through my old cds...haha. I love this outfit all the way. The scarf. the blue tight, the floral skirt...I love them all:)

  12. I LOVEE this outfit!!


  13. yay! i appreciate all your comments!! rhode island was totally a blast. marisa, i was actually thinking of you for some reason when i put together this outfit :P i thought it very you. xx


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