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Laughing with Broken Eyes ~ Music in Her Heart

it was all a dream

Ever since I was young, I've loved music. I always assumed that when you sang, your voice was a part of your soul that you were letting out. I suppose that sounds very, very cheesey now, but it's what I believed.


All throughout middleschool and into the first two years of high school, I would sing in front of audiences galore whenever the opportunity arose. Talent shows, choir, it was a given I'd be front and center... for a while.

Up until this point (as I was a very, very different girl in high school than I am now), I'd sung sugar and pop. I had an affinity for jazz, folk, and I decided to try my hand at writing my own music. It was a humdrum day as I was on stage, singing to a local audience and passerby-s when I made eye contact with a few folks, probably a bit older than me, and froze. My face heated, and I felt sick. I'll spare you the details, but suffice to say, I had a friend backstage who held my hair back for me.


And so marked the end of my public 'appearances'. To this day, I've terrible stage fright and can barely hum without growing self-conscious. It's something I've been working through (I've posted lyrics and videos on my blog, something that has really helped) and I get a little bit closer with each song I post, each word I share.

In a way, my journey has come full circle, but I've very excited. I'm finally singing things that mean something to me, sharing my soul to speak, and as terrifying as it is.. it's exhilarating. Chantilly is an inspiration to me. You see, this girl is doing what I dream to do! I've been recording music at home (very, very basic) and look to Chantilly for inspiration. *Shameless plug, but you should listen to her music~!*


I've become quite wordy in this post, so I'll wrap it up! You can visit me at my blog to listen to my music.

Audio Recording on Wednesday afternoon by Amber Schmidt

Amber Rose
Laughing w/ Broken Eyes

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