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live from pete's...

good afternoon, lovelies! sooo my show was last night.

check it:


now i know this looks like a tape recorder from 1992. but what it actually is, is a little device that will make future videos that i record sound less like suck!! we used it last night to film my performance.

however, there were a few problems. i'm not sure i'm going to be able to share the videos with you, and i think that i promised i would :(

ok maybe some of it. someday. matt said he was gonna try and do some cool stuff with what we got. we'll see :)

chan pete's

a lot of unexpected friends showed up!! i was so happy, because it can be like pulling teeth getting people to come out of their little caves. especially in cold months. but i was happy to see such friendly faces, and i've already been invited back by the booker :)

among those friends were two completely adorable, lovable and talented musicians- tamar haviv and alyson greenfield. i was so glad they came... because immediately after my set, we all launched into this strategy discussion of planning our next show together... at my loft in brooklyn!

sooo... mark the date. december 3rd, if you're in the area :)



  1. I d really like to see your performance!!!
    Another thing: love your look on the left, with red lips and the hair on one side!
    Greets from Buenos Aires,

  2. Oh, that's cool. I want to see the performance when you post it up!


  3. Awe, congrats, Chantilly! :D For some reason, I thought the show was today so please forgive my email, hehe. I'd so love to go see you live on Dec 3rd. I do believe, though, that one day I'll finally hear you sing live ;).

    Have a great weekend!


  4. thank you girls!! we'll try to make what we can out of the footage, but some of it is problematic.

    miki- maybe someday i'll come to california!!

  5. Congrats on the show! Videos would be awesome!

  6. Ah, if I lived in NY I would most definitely be there:) Congrats sounds like a wonderful evening and gosh, I would love to see the video if you are able to get it up. Have a lovely weekend!!

  7. awe good luck with the video, girl! I *may* be visiting a friend in the city that weekend, would very much like to come :]


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