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the other day, i spent the afternoon at this cute shop- a fabric and furniture consignment store down the road. my parents befriended the owner, and started hanging around and helping out with little things, as the business is struggling a bit due to the economy.

of course when i got there, my mind started going off. there is sooo much space, and it has such potential! the upstairs has an art loft, with room to spare... i could see part of it being made into a coffee shop (or devoted to vintage clothing!!) i mentioned the idea to the owner, and he wasn't too keen...

either way, it was a nice way to spend some time :)


sewing desk

my mother's art work


record player

artist collective

artist loft

tea for 2

fabric 1

chan mirror


  1. Too cute..that guy totally should have taken you up on your offer!
    I totally want to go shop there right now! It looks like a great afternoon!

    PS- I'm totally loving your cardigan in that mirror picture


  2. Anonymous11/08/2011

    These are som really gorgeous shots! ^_^

  3. Beautiful shop and beautiful cardigan. :)


  4. What a lovely place! I bet a coffee shop would do really nicely - too bad the owner didn't like the idea. :-P

    Thanks so much for your comment on my blog. I absolutely adore those straws! I want to put paper mustaches on them like this for my graduation party. :D And by my calculations $8 for 20 straws is only about $.40 so that's totally justifiable for a graduation party, right!? I mean, I'm only going to graduate once, so I might as well live it up. :D

    P.S. I totally love your blog and I'm following you now! :D

  5. That looks like one incredible space full of so much loveliness. How sweet would it be to put a coffee shop and vintage clothing shop in there....hmm, sounds like a fab idea to me. Your mom's artwork is so serene and beautiful!!

  6. You are part of artist lineage! I love your sweater! :)

  7. I love fabric shop! Your pictures really make me want to go! You mom's artwork is incredible!


  8. thank you girls!! i'm glad there is so much love for my cardi... it is pretty sweet :)

    and thanks for the comments about my mom/ her art. this apple is proud to not have fallen far off from that tree :P

  9. I love that last picture, you in the mirror :-) And I love what your mom does, she makes beautiful things!

  10. You and your ideas, Simply wonderful. It's nice that you are helping them out and hopefully their business survives! best of luck.

    Xoxo, Mary from ♥ ♥


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