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The road less travelled by ~ Emily of Ruby Slipper Journeys

it was all a dream



Hi everyone, this is Emily from Ruby Slipper Journeys, delighted to be participating in Chantilly's virtual launch party! Like Chantilly, I lead a somewhat unorthodox life, and she asked me to share my experiences on "the road less travelled by."

I recently chose to move back to Barcelona, a city I lived in in my early twenties, ignoring more normal career paths for the time being at least, and working on my children's novel.

In this pictures you can see me working, or at least attempting to work, on my terrace (I love Barcelona weather). Though I sometimes feel stressed under the weight of social expectations, I'm ultimately really happy with taking this time out to work on editing, improving, and hopefully someday publishing my novel. I also work part time at a job that doesn't excite me too much, but the satisfaction of pursuing a creative goal and living in such a beautiful city goes a long way towards soothing my frustrations....


Writing, editing... and I won't lie... a degree of this goes on too!

wearing a vintage dress and belt

Best of luck on your own creative goals, Chantilly, and thanks for having me!
Ruby Slipper Journeys

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  1. Congrats to all the artists for following their heart and pursuing their dreams! ;)

    I'll check your blog, too, Emily!



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