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i'm mildly distracted right now, as i'm in a coffee shop where they're playing radiohead's king of limbs. it's hard to think or write properly when thom is in the background cooing "i'm such a tease and you're such a flirt" (oh thom...)


chan outfit 1

chan outfit 2

for some reason, i feel like this is a "real" outfit. i'm usually just content to throw crazy stuff together, and call it a day. but i feel like this ensemble has a theme. i never wear blouses, and i never tie my scarf like that... but i'm likin' it :)

chan outfit 4

also, i know i could've tied this outfit together better with a more streamlined shoe (like my cute brown boots!) but i JUST got these beautiful, perfect mocs on ebay for a steal. i was dying to wear them.

hat- thrifted, maine
gloves- urban outfitters
bag- beacon's closet, brooklyn
scarf- thrifted like, a million years ago at warwick, ri savers
blouse- conway
cardigan- uniqlo
jacket- anthropologie
skirt- anthropologie
knee socks- c/o we love colors in navy (these were actually the thigh-highs, but i found them too tight around the thigh.)
minnetonkas- ebay



  1. Great outfit. And thank you for stopping by my blog.


  2. ^^ i thought this outfit very "maeve." :P

  3. Your outfit is great! You're featured in my blog post :


  4. aw, thank you dita!! <3<3

  5. You look so damn cute! Such a sassy it out chickie!

  6. I love this outfit, too! So colorful, so autumn-y, so pretty! Great job! ;D

  7. This yellow skirt is so fun! Great look for fall.

  8. I just adore your bold colorful style! Absolutely loving how you aren't cookie cutter and always have your own thing going on, which always looks amazing!! Another gorgeous outfit lady!

  9. sassy, colorful, gorgeous... what compliments!!

    you girls are the bestest <3<3


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