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Sew Beastly Part I ~ Interview

it was all a dream

Introduce yourself!

Hello lovely Chantilly readers! My name is Citlalli, and I am the over-caffeinated gal from Sew Beastly. Some of my favorite things to do are drinking coffee, eating, cooking, and sewing the day and night away as I rock out to my music. The last one is how Sew Beastly, my sewing machine, my music, and my handmade dream. My shoppe is where you can find a fun mix of my handmade accessories, and I also blog over here. Stop by, stay awhile, and let's connect!


When did you first start sewing?

I first started hand-sewing and embroidering as a little girl and did it off and on throughout my life. I didn't really start sewing on a consistent basis until about a year ago when I decided to have some "me" time. I was soon hooked, and left with an ever-growing fabric and pouch collection.

What drives you to be creative/ successful?

The feeling I get when someone likes and compliments my keeps me going and striving to be better. I love the satisfaction I get when I am in the last step of creating...that last stitch feels oh, so good and rewarding. My stubbornness and perfectionism might help me out a bit as well...{ok, maybe a lot}


How do you stay inspired?

It varies quite a bit for me... Anything from stepping outside, to reading a book. Looking through crafty magazines. Rocking out, pinterest, conversing with friends, flowers and their colors...I have noticed that it's usually the small things that keep on inspiring me on a daily basis.

-What's your life philosophy?

If you're going to do something do it right! One of my all time favorite quotes that I also apply to my life is: "It's better to die on your feet than to live on your knees" -Emiliano Zapata-

If you could be any mythical creature, what would you be and why?

I have always thought about what special power I would like to have if given the opportunity, and either flying or being able to stop time are my top two choices. So, I think I would be a fairy since they are able to fly. It seems like they are the ones who would have the most fun anyway. Oh! and having fairy dust to sprinkle on people while flying around? Count me in!!

Sew Beastly

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  1. cute interview, really anjoyed reading this :) And I'm a huge sew beastly fan!! :D


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