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a small obsession

i've never been one to care about manicures and nails. however, in the past few months, seeing so many pretty photos of pretty bloggers and their pretty nail polish got me inspired :)

brucci nails

i've been on a kick with this cheap brand called brucci (pictured.) it's only $2.39 at the beauty supply store down the street, but it's been holding up pretty well on my nails! (guitar playing aside.)

they have a REALLY fun color selection. for instance, that mustard color? i've never seen a polish like that. i guess you can only find this particular brand on the east coast, though. if anyone wants to try it out, i'm totally your source :P


what color are you loving on your nails, lately?

and ps,
i wanted to thank everyone who commented on my post about dealing with change... all your stories warmed my heart. it's nice to know there are people out there who get sentimental about the little things, just like me :)



  1. I very rarely want to put on nail varnish because the color only lasts for a day or two. When I do, though, I usually choose green or red :p.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend! ;D


  2. I rarely paint my nails because I take so many art classes that deal with chemicals and tools that ruin my nails, it's a sad situation :(
    BUT I will have to try it sometime, if I can find it!

  3. my favorite color right now...dark grey :o)

  4. These are incredible colors!! I am loving gray and dark blue lately.

  5. I started paining my nails about 2 years ago and its amazing what you can do with a little color (or mixing diffrent colors!). I love classic red the most and glitter can be fun too! but it's hard to pick a favorite. during fall I tend to use brown alot, but still havent found the perfect one yet!

  6. I'm loving blues and greens on nails right now.

  7. I'm the worst at keeping up with nail polish. Some people are so into it. But I don't have time to keep it looking fresh! So, my nails are always a chipped mess. I just pretend I like that way ;)

  8. I've been getting more into painting my nails too and I've been digging teal, mint green, and yellow. I love that mustard color you found! I want to try out the nail pens but I don't know that my left hand will comply...

  9. I love nail polish but working at the library is rough on the nails yeah who knew so I am with you on doing your on nails right now I am into the funky colors with glitter on top

  10. I have the biggest problem keeping polish on my nails. The last color I put on what a matte gray, but being a pianist...my nail color chips so easily, so most days my poor little ol nails are bare:(. Your nails on the other hand are so so pretty! I love the spectrum of warm fall colors you chose. I have to even say...seeing this loveliness makes me want to get motivated and paint my nails like this:) Have a good week Chantilly!

  11. Great color choices. I really like the mustard colored polish. :)


  12. miki- i know what you mean... my nails usually get destroyed, but i just tell myself it's cooler that way :)

    hanner- wow, chemicals and tools?? sounds crazy. i hope you get to try it someday!

    anna & shopaholic- i've been meaning to work a grey into my color scheme, too!

    paula- it sounds like you've perfected the art of having fun with your nails! seems like a wonderful creative outlet for you :)

    daisy- blues & greens are usually my favorite too, but i'm making an attempt to be more "fall" in my color choices.

    kylee- i can't deny... freshly, perfectly painted nails are a happy thing. but chipped nails are so punk rawk. i say go with it :P

    lisa- you and i sound like nail twins. i have the mustard on now, and i love it!! it turned out to be more of a muted yellow/ neutral, but it's still really unique. i haven't seen anything like it! i could send one to you if you want to try it out.

    carrie- yeahhh, funky colors all the way!! i take it easy with the glitter, though...

    marisa- i hear ya girl, but i happen to think chipped nails are pretty dope (as you could probably tell by now.) gotta work those fall hues :)

    shannon, jazzy, & hannah- thank you!!

    have a lovely week :)))

  13. Ooh! Thanks for the suggestion! I have been trying to keep my nails painted more often since it looks nicer and I don't bite them that way, but I can't stand cheap nail polishes that get sticky after a week! >.< I will definitely have to try this brand if I can find it!


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