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stripes forever

this is a total first-world-problem, but sometimes i get sick of shooting my style posts on a roof in brooklyn. so it's always a welcome change whenever i get to use "exotic" locales as an alternate backdrop :P

chan outfit 1
photos by matt panton

over the holiday weekend, matt's brother took us up to his gun shooting range out in the woods (that adventure is for another post...)

fascinating as learning about semi-automatics and such was, we decided to go poking around. we found a cozy little abandoned cabin, as well as a dock on a small lake! i figured it would be an ideal spot to take some pictures :)

chan outfit 4

chan outfit 6

this outfit is plain, i know. jeans and t-shirt are about as basic as you can get, but i was hoping the sweater and mocs would spruce it up a bit. this was a short holiday trip after all, and i didn't bring much clothing with me...

chan outfit 5

anyway, i loved all the little details in and around the cabin. the peeling paint, the grown-over picnic table, even the bird poop on the chairs! it was such a small little space, i have no idea what it was for...


matt stove

boat coat

outfit details-
sweater- thrifted
t-shirt- f21
pants- uniqlo
gloves- uo
mocs- ebay
coat (seen on the boat)- thrifted

chan outfit 7

chan outfit 8

chan outfit 9



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  1. That cabin looks pretty amazing!

  2. Love your cardigan/sweater, the colors are fun, great way to spice up the tshirt and jeans combo! PS - those jeans look amazing on you! Work it out girlie! I love the red door and windows of the cabin. Great photo spot!

  3. These pictures are lovely! I love your cardigan :)

  4. love, love, love these pictures!! Love the red door with your lovely striped sweater.

  5. Your pictures are so delightful to look at, what a cute blog you have :)

  6. These photos are beautiful, I love the setting! Fab cardigan too :) xx

  7. nice cardigan and the pictures are amazing.

  8. I think you look adorable! That outfit is basically what I wear when I'm comfiest- jeans, moccasins, and a cardigan. yay for cardigans!


  9. That is a perfect and beautiful little spot. The last couple photos on the dock remind me of something straight out of Dawson's Creek...haha, remember that blast from the past? Anyhow, prettiness all around and that sweater is really a great cozy winer piece:)

  10. thank you jenna, laura, shannon, & just me- not only does that cardigan look amazing, it is sooo comfy! say what you want about acrylic fabric... it's pretty darn cozy.

    amanda & harriet- as soon as i saw this cabin, i knew it would be perfect to shoot in front of. it was so cute, but seriously small!

    yeye- why thank you :) i take great pride in keeping this place looking its best :)

    marisa- dawson's creek HAHA!! i never really watched it... i don't know how! it was so the "thing" at the time, i don't know how it got away from me. but thank you, my dear :))

  11. that outfit is so not plain...that sweater is amazing! i love the stripes and the colors! and your photographs are lovely...i also love new backdrops, but they are hard to come by when you have a full-time job and two kids (back yard is the timeliest place to shoot photos)!

  12. What a great photo shoot! I love your outfit- Yeah Minnetonkas! That sweater is awesome too!

  13. I absolutely love both the backdrop and the outfit!

  14. LOVE the outfit and the landscape! :D So cool!

    David wants to take me to the shooting range. I'm kind of scared but I'm curious, too.

    Oh, my! I have many posts here to catch up with! :P

  15. I love this cardigan and this location is absolutely perfect.


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