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hello there!

i feel so absent... i haven't posted anything since thursday. it's hard to focus when there's family and holiday activity whirring around you... i guess i needed a break. either way, here are a few vignettes from the big day!

unfortunately i didn't try any of this- not a big fan of apple. pumpkin, however...

thanksgiving apple pie

sausage for the stuffing cooking away.

thanksgiving cooking

thanksgiving dining table

chan thanksgiving

and of course, no thanksgiving is complete without alcohol to get through those awkward family moments. choice d'ujour- merlot.

chan wine 2

chan wine

happy holidays, friends :)

but before you go, a few notes...

Design G

last week's giveaway winners!

sew beastly winner
sew beastly winner

blowfish winner
blowfish giveaway winner

congratulations miki and cerrisse. i'll be contacting you!

Design G

friends! i made a new music ep and am looking for help getting it funded! visit my kickstarter page and help out :)



  1. Ooooh...merlot. Should I be thinking about wine so lovingly while I'm at work? Haha. It looks like you had a pretty successful Thanksgiving holiday! If there wasn't any blood or tears than I'd say it was a success :p

  2. Mm, the food looks so good! I'm a big fan of apple pie but don't really like pumpkin, so we can trade :)

  3. Great pictures, I want some of that pie :)

  4. Glad you had a nice holiday lady-friend!

  5. love your photos. a glass of merlot sounds amazing right about now :)


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