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phew! finally. a new style post. i believe it's been two weeks since the last one...

chan outfit 4

chan outfit 3

my beloved turquoise slouchy has been more than enough hat for me to handle for the past... what, 5 years? our sleazy tryst is definitely NOT. over. (you will be seeing it a LOT this winter.)

however, i've been meaning to work a new hat into my repertoire, and this beaut fit the bill perfectly. i thrifted it with my friend jessica this summer, when it was too hot to wear. so not the case now! i'll be rocking it all over town.

only thing is, i don't really like the way it looks with my fall coat (yet to be seen here)... oh well.

chan outfit 2

also ever since september came and went, i've kinda been confused about a fall wardrobe. i just look at my closet full of summer frocks, thinking "DUUUHHR?!" it's like the cold weather does not compute, and i have no idea how to dress myself every day.

maybe i'm just slow to change.
(this is definitely the case.)

chan outfit 5

camp shirt- vintage
cardigan- thrifted, brooklyn, ny
scarf- anthropologie
pants- uniqlo
hat- thrifted, brooklyn, ny
gloves- urban outfitters
boots- blowfish java

chan outfit 7

chan outfit 6

hope everyone is staying warm out there :)

and ps,
not to beat a dead horse, but if you're in/ around nyc tomorrow, definitely stop by to see me perform at pete's candy store in williamsburg!

details here


  1. Love the kicks, lady. You're lookin' rad.


  2. Yay, an outfit post! I love your gloves, so cute! I have no idea what I'm going to wear this autumn/winter ... my wardrobe here looks so ... empty :/. I need to grab all my thick clothes that I left in Bs As!

    All the best of luck tomorrow! :D

  3. I have a newfound love for web design and you blog is... well... really cool.


  4. Cute pics! The last shot of you is my favorite! It's a fun pose! p.s. I know what you mean about the cooler weather and trying to dress yourself. I totally feel the same way. Hopefully we'll all figure it out real soon! Your outfit here is pretty stinkin' cute!

  5. and i love the hat. it looks great on you.

    Thank you for the sweet words earlier. It put a smile on my face :)


  6. What an adorable gloves!! I love uniqlo pants too :) Great outfit! -akiko

  7. love love love those mittens!


  8. I find I'm having that problem too. I reach for shirts but then stop myself, because I need a million layers in this weather. I'm thinking I need to invest in a black turtleneck to make a couple of those dresses a little more work appropriate! Love the outfit!

    Found you through Follow Fest, check out my blog if you're interested! I'm hosting my first give-away!

    My Growing Obsessions

  9. hey, thanks for your nice comment on my nails! I really love your boots, I've seen them around a couple of times and they're totally adorbale! I bet they keep you warm most days :) have a good rest of the week. Paula

  10. Loveeeeeee your outfit!
    So girly and cute!

  11. emily- these are one of my most treasured pairs of shoes :P

    miki- i feel ya, girrl...

    stacie- it actually makes me very happy every times someone compliments my site... it was a work in progress over a matter of months, and i did it all myself! i'm not a graphic designer! (guess an artist is an artist... :) it makes me feel like i accomplished exactly what i wanted with it. so thank you for noticing :)

    thank you courtney!! i think the last shot is my favorite pose as well.

    akiko- uniqlo is the only place i will shop for pants anymore. they're so cheap and so good!

    thanks alyssa :) everyone loves these mittens!

    sam- i'm one of those types who loves layering, and never leave the house without a cardigan (even in the summer.) but there's something about this fall/ winter where i'm just dragging my feet!

    paula- the blog hype around these boots was what got me, too :P they've totally lived up to it so far!

    thanks, ceci :)

  12. You look cute :-) I love the gloves!

  13. I always love your outfits whether casual or dress, you always look adorable and are the best at mixing colors. I'm loving the layers. The gloves are so sweet:)

  14. Awww your gloves are so adorable!

    Swing by to enter my Alainn Bella Giveaway!

    xx Love & Aloha

  15. I love this outfit and it looks perfect paired with the graffiti! Glad I stumbled upon your blog :)



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