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bearing arms

didn't i mention in another post that i was going to talk about our trip to the shooting range... ?

chan shoot 2

i mean, i'm definitely not glorifying guns or anything. i would NEVER hurt another living creature with a weapon like this, with the exception of extreme circumstances of survival.

but the thing is. it is surprisingly fun to shoot a gun.

there are obviously a lot of precautions- like eye and ear protection. there are rules, like "never point a gun at anybody... put your guns down when someone is going to set up/ fetch a target..." etc.

either way, it's a good skill to have. you never know when the zombie apocalypse is coming...


matt shoot


chan shoot

and i got the only bullseye of the day! the rest of my shooting was also pretty decent, as you can see. i guess i'm a regular annie oakley.

zombie apocalypse, i am ready for you now.




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  1. aw. shucks. i've never shot a gun. i feel so underprepared for the zombie apocalypse. maybe i'll just stick with rule #1: cardio.

  2. I have to go to one of those places!

  3. Girl you look all tough and what not. I've always wanted to try and go to the shooting range here but I just haven't yet. I am slightly scared to death of them but it couldn't hurt to try my hand at it! I'm on your team when the zombie apocalypse inevitably comes :p

  4. You look so good holding a gun, haha! Like a total pro ;). It looks like fun :p.

    Hope you're getting ready to start the week off with a huge smile! :D



  5. wow bad ass!!! Id love to do go the range..looks like its so much fun and thrilling! :P


  6. jorja- cardio, lol!

    lou- it really is more fun than one would think.

    jenna- yesss, we should totally email each other and make a plan to meet up with all our survivor friends, when the big day comes. and get thyself to a shooting range, asap. these skills will be necessary...

    miki- ha, not exactly a pro. but perhaps someday.

    kim- thanks for validating my badass-ness :) i was just hoping i didn't look like a hick (especially with the plaid and all that...)


  7. I used to shoot targets like coke cans with my dad when I was little. Then I got really good so he'd throw a ball into a stream and I'd have to shoot it while it was moving. So theeen, he thought he had the perfect hunter. He brought me deer hunting and when we finally saw a deer, I stepped on a stick so it would hear us and it ran away. He was a little upset and we haven't shot guns since. lol



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