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dancin' shoes


my cold is getting better, as i had a relatively restful day yesterday. so i decided it was time for a style post & snapped some photos with some newly acquired items :)

chantilly tulle blowfish 5

i literally JUST got this dress in the mail today. i ordered it from tulle's black friday sale! i've been having some issues with their website and customer service, but was happy when it showed up in a pretty box at my door :)

it's really lovely... just a plain, sturdy, yet feminine denim dress. perfect length. flattering cut!! i can do just about anything with it... soon to be a favorite, for sure :)

(of course, there are always the fun/ dancing/ crazy photos...)

chantilly tulle blowfish 3

chantilly tulle blowfish 4

blowfish was again, kind enough to send me a pair of shoes to style up this month! i thought i should go practical and NOT order the crazy kinds of shoes i'm usually attracted to. and i don't have a pair of flats. so i chose the nazines.

lo and behold, i really love these! they're perfect to wear with anything, really. i usually stick with shoes that at least boast a small heel, because i like to appear taller. but these are super cute! easy to wear and stylish.


chantilly blowfish nazine

hat- thrifted
cashmere sweater- thrifted!
scarf- thrifted
gloves- uo
dress- tulle
tights- hue
nazine flats c/o blowfish shoes

chantilly tulle blowfish 10

chantilly tulle blowfish 11

what are you wearing today?



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  1. Cute outfit! I'm wearing the only pants that fit me at the moment, a tank top, and a little sweater. I prefer wearing tank tops and sweaters over long sleeved shirts.

  2. This outfit is lovely. The color of you cardigan is perfect, and I've loved that dress for a long time. I'd have bought it myself, but it's far too short for me. :( The fashion world is just so cruel to us taller gals.

    I'm with you on the heels, though! I almost never wear anything else, but since I've been driving and chasing after toddlers a lot lately (not mine, I baby sit regularly) I thought I'd better invest in a pair of flats. I got a lovely bright red pair with a large bow on the front. <3 I love 'em - even if I do feel a little awkward walking in flats.

  3. That dress is really cute <3 Those Nazine are charming!

  4. What a great find for the cardigan! The color is so pretty. Great for fall or spring! Those purple tights are fabulous...I need to try try Hue brand.

  5. cute dress and i love those shoes!

  6. These photos are so fun!

    xoxo Mama Wolf.

  7. I love this outfit! I tried to shop the Tulle sale but the website was SO SLOOOOOOW when I tried to get on. I love your dancing pics! I'm glad you're feeling better!

  8. I really, really love that dress :o)

  9. Lovely dress, lovely accessories, lovely shoes and awesome girl!

    I also ordered something on Tulle on their extended Black Friday sale. Can't wait for it to arrive! :P

    Hope you're feeling 100% now! ;D

  10. I love that dress and I'm the opposite, all I own are flats haha


  11. nice outfit.i like color combination.


  12. LOVE the outfit, and those shoes are adorable! I'm a sucker for anything with a bow on it.

  13. Oh my...such pretty shots!! I love that location and I love that dress! Most definitely swooning over those grape colored tights...I can never say it enough...you are one color combo wizard lady!!

  14. That dress is adorable! I love how you styled it here. You look amazing.


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