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the eve

on christmas eve, the parents decided we'd go out for chinese food. but not just any old place... my childhood favorite, chen's!

drink menu

it probably sounds pretty typical. and i guess it is. but this particular restaurant is special to me.

years ago, we lived very closeby. way before i could even drive, my brother and i would literally walk down the street and have lunch here on weekends. my grandparents would also often take us here.

for some reason, this whole trip has been very nostalgic. dinner here was no exception.

plus the food easliy kicks any nyc chinese restaurant's ass, any day of the week!

if you refer to the menu above, you'll notice the drink prices. being city dwellers used to $12 cocktails, we were impressed. and unlike the times i came here with my brother, i could actually order one!

so we went for the coco punch and the zombie...

matt drink

chan drink 2

chan drink

matt drink 2



hot & sour soup that i didn't like...


beef teriyaki, fried rice, & egg roll. amazing. just like i remember it.





  1. Mmm. Affordable, yet delicious Chinese food sounds like a wonderful tradition to keep going...forever.


  2. Awe, I miss all my favorite restaurants and tea houses in Buenos Aires! I'd love to visit this one ;).

  3. Ooh. Sounds lovely. I didn't use to like Asian food, but then my family found this *amazing* Thai restaurant and just like that - I'm a changed girl.

    We're getting food from there for New Years Eve, and you've just inspired me to do a post on it. Thanks. :)

  4. mmmmm, love me some thai. i think it's really different than chinese though, although equally as good... probably healthier :)


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