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glasses usa review

if you've been following me for awhile, you might remember that time when i bemoaned the fact that i have to wear glasses sometimes. how i originally thought they were cool, and my eventual discomfort with them.

however, i've been needing a new pair for oh... five years...?

so when a representative contacted me recently, and asked me if i wanted to try out a pair of their prescription glasses, i jumped at the chance.

and here are the lovely results :)

chantilly glassesusa 1

chantilly glassesusa 2

over the years of trying out all kinds of styles, i went in pretty much knowing what i was looking for.

i wanted stylish retro frames, that weren't too square in shape. they also had to be small-to-medium in size (due to my high prescription), and moderately priced. i certainly found what i was looking for in the b&k 203 :) (out of stock right now.)

chantilly glassesusa 3

i don't know what it is with these glasses. but i feel awesome and confident in them!! i'm not even just saying that because it's a review. when i first had to get glasses in the 2nd grade, i LOVED them and felt that they made me totally special (that feeling eventually wore down once i realized the glasses actually made me "geeky," not cool.)

but when i put these on, there was a revived feeling of specialness :) i truly adore them!

i also loved the site, because they have all the cute vintage styles... and the prices are VERY inexpensive. even though i had to go for the super high-index thin lenses, the price was much lower than if i got my eyeglasses at a retail chain store (who we all know charges up the wazoo.)

conclusion: if you are in the market to buy glasses anytime soon, i can totally recommend glasses usa :) the prices are fair, and the frames are cute! they're even having a sale right now... use these codes:

take 30% offany pair of eyeglasses & FREE US shipping: Holiday11
take 10% off any order: Blog10


chantilly glassesusa 4

disclosure: the glasses were partially paid for by glasses usa.


  1. You look adorable, Chantilly! As a child I used to dread wearing glasses, now I love them, haha.

    Hope you're getting ready to have a fun weekend! ;D


  2. They are soooo cute! Good for you!

  3. Love em'! Very geeky chic :p They are super spunky which is pretty awesome :)

  4. i love them! so geek chic! you look absolutely stunning in that last photo.


  5. hmmm...the last time I bought new glasses was in.... 2005. I think I might need to take a look....


  6. thank you everyone for your kindnesses! i'm very happy, and i'm glad you guys like them too :)

  7. Very cute on you...I love the vintage style and am definitely in the market for a new I am heading over to check out the site. I haven't bought a new pair in forever!!

  8. Aww you look so so adorable in these! Def a great vintage vibe to them & love the "where's waldo" look you made. You have a really beautiful voice too. : )

  9. LOVE the specs! Too cute. I also feel more "me" and more pretty in my specs. So funny how times change and specs are in style now!

  10. Lovely glasses! I'll have to check there next time I'm in the market for some new frames. :D

  11. Those glasses look like it's from the 70's and it looks good on you. Thanks.


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