December 17, 2011

guest posting ~ sew beastly

good morrow, pretty people!

i haven't done a guest post in awhile, so i was happy when citlalli asked me to do one for her :) hop on over to sew beastly to read about the rewards, trials, and tribulations of teaching freelance music lessons.


i wish i could say that this was my actual "day job" (that would be amazing.) but the truth is, i need more students! so if you are located in/ near nyc, and are interested in lessons, message me :)

ALSO, one last thing... i'm having a giveaway for my last cd at mary kate's beautiful blog, from the guest room. find out how to win a copy of "caught light" :)

ends december 21st (coincidentally, the same day as my kickstarter...)



Design G

friends! i made a new music ep and am looking for help getting it funded! visit my kickstarter page to find out more and donate :)


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