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Holiday Party ~ Chantilly

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many thanks to everyone for stopping by for the holiday party today. i truly admire and love all these girls, and am so happy to share my space with them :)

and well, i have to confess, i don't have holiday post for you right now. i need to talk about something else- the best holiday gift i could probably think of.

so ummmmm, i don't know if you heard but i made my kickstarter goal earlier in the afternoon!!!

i had so much help from so many people. it started off slow, but i am seriously overwhelmed at how much support came through.

if anything, doing this kickstarter has given me an excuse to come out of my "internet" shell. i knew i had to be twittering and facebooking a lot, but i had no idea i'd connect with so many amazing people in the process! i feel so much closer to some of you now (even if we've only met on the internet.)

it's amazing what happens when people want to be a part of something. i'm reading this book that calls the phenomena "barn raising", and i totally felt it happen. some of you guys are like social networking ninjas!! and whether you pledged, shared my story, or even just watched passively from the sidelines, please know that i appreciate you SO much.

i had no idea what was going to happen when....

~ i asked saul to record these songs.
~ i went there every week to track and arrange them with him.
~ i decided i wanted to try and utilize kickstarter.
~ matt and i were struggling to make the video.
~ i clicked "launch project" button on the kickstarter website.

i still don't know what will happen.
people's attention spans are fleeting, and this could all be forgotten tomorrow.

but i do know that i'm proud of myself today. and grateful to all who helped me make this a reality.

the project is funded, true enough. however, there are alllways various costs involved in making a record. and really... $2,000 won't even cover everything for me- it was just a goal number.

and honestly, a lot of favors were done to keep the costs for this nice and low ("real" records run up to tens of thousands...)

so once more... if you feel the need to help out,head on over to...


thank you again for coming to my party. xo

thank you ks


Design G


friends! i made a new music ep and am looking for help getting it funded! visit my kickstarter page to find out more and donate :)



  1. It's been a pleasure to be here today and I'm very happy to see you've raised the target money. Hope people keep contributing! :D And can't wait to listen to your EP!!! :D

  2. Congrats Chantilly!!! I am so thrilled for you and excited to see what the future holds with your beautiful music. It's been a blast posting here today...I just finished reading all the other lovely bloggers posts (sorry for clogging up your inbox with my comments..hehe) and they were great. Anyhow, I wish you the most merry Christmas and look forward to hearing your EP!!!!

  3. eep!
    how exciting that you made your goal!!
    if i lived closer, i totally would have come to your party!

    happy holidays!


  4. I am so so happy for you! You are proof that anything is accomplishable!! Such a nice early gift.

    Happy holidays!


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