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home for the holidays

hello again....

matthew beer

wanted to share a few snaps from my holiday weekend :)

this is me and my mom. i really love this picture.

chan mom home
photos by matt panton

chan mom home 2

and... some great news.

you might remember from a few months ago, when i posted about a shop that my parents were helping out with?

well, they didn't want me to say anything about it at the time... but they took over the lease for that shop, and have gone into business for themselves! it's a furniture consignment/ vintage/ antiques shop. i'm so excited for them.

check out their upstairs showroom.

(see if you can find the people in the picture.)

if you're in rhode island, please go visit them!! even just to say hi! they'd definitely love to see you :)

1081 main street hope valley, ri

also, i convinced my mom that she needed an online presence for the store. starting with... a blog :P it's in the beginning stages, but you should still check it out if you get the chance.

showroom 2

oh and, if you follow me on twitter or facebook, you might remember i was in a local paper for my kickstarter (thanks to my mom.) well, like typical adoring parents, they put it up in their store :)

chan store

they've been making my heart melt every day. i'm really lucky to have a family that truly loves me and "gets" me. not everyone does...

chan home

how did you spend your time this weekend?




  1. I love this post! And those photos with your mom are so sweet! :D

    Congrats on the new business! I so wish I could go there and visit! :/ All the best of luck!

  2. Love the pictures and the shop looks fantastic! How did your kickstarter campaign go? I love the concept of that website!

  3. how wonderful.. CONGRATS on the new business!
    if i was anywhere near Rhode Island i would be there in a heartbeat. sounds and looks like a place i would love.
    that picture of you and your mom is so perfect.
    makes me miss my mom. :)
    hope your holiday was wonderful.

  4. Love this post!!
    And congrats on your new business.

  5. You have some awesome parents. I think is nice that they started their business and I wish all of you guys the best of luck!

    Xoxo, Mary from ♥ meowwzie.blogspot.com ♥

  6. awww, i wish you all could come to rhode island too! that way i could see you (plus you could visit the shop :)

    and the campaign went well... my project got funded!!

    thank you all. hope you had a most lovely holiday :) xoxo

  7. Such fun pictures! Sounds like a wonderful holiday. Merry Christmas.


  8. such a wonderful post! Your family sounds so wonderful! Those pictures of you and your mom are so sweet!

  9. Chantilly, you look so cute!! Yay for the new business, it looks lovely :) Also, so glad you had success with your kickstarter...congrats, girl!

  10. Anonymous12/27/2011

    I just stumbled across your blog and listened to the songs you've posted. So beautiful!

  11. SO exciting!! If I am ever in RI, I will HAVE to stop by :)

  12. Congrats to your parents, that is so cool! It's awesome how close you guys are and how much they support/understand your goals! I'm really sorry to read about the family dog- my heart goes out to you all! *hugs*

  13. Ummm Chantilly, that last comment was from me on my husband's computer- didn't realize he was signed into google :)

  14. thank you for the well-wishes, everyone!! right back at ya :)

    la petite pomme- i'm flattered :) and there's going to be a lot more where that came from. keep checking back!

    lisa- lol ;)

  15. Ahh! That looks like so much fun! I would love to own my own shoppe, and my parents owning one would be the next best thing!

  16. Aww. You're so lucky to have parents that understand you. :) I have pretty awesome parents, but I don't think they really understand me most of the time. You're a very lucky girl.

  17. That's so awesome of your parents, huge contrats, how exciting!



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