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laced with sugar

phew! another style post, finally..

i just took these photos today, and they were a bit rushed. it's getting kinda cold up on that roof! i might try to find another indoor shoot location soon, although the roof has been my preferred spot for so long. chantily outfit 5 chantilly outfit 1

also, i got these sweater tights last week at tj maxx... umm, seriously most comfortable. tights. ever. want more!
dress- anthropologie
cardigan- thrifted
scarf- thrifted
tights- tj maxx
shoes- anthropologie (similar here)


holiday blog party ppl

it's to be a smaller, more intimate affair than the last blog party. but still- plenty of love and festivities to go around!! we've got recipes, stories, style posts, and more!!

join me tomorrow for this fun party, as well as the final send-off to my kickstarter!

so many exlamation points!! but you'll see why soon enough :)xoxo,


Design G

friends! i made a new music ep and am looking for help getting it funded! visit my kickstarter page to find out more and donate :)



  1. This dress is gorgeous on you. And sweater tights, are possibly the greatest invention since sliced bread.

  2. oooh I love this outfit! You look so pretty! Too bad they don't make maternity outfits this cute!

  3. I love that dress! And those purple shoes...adorable :)

  4. I love this outfit and that we will be chillin with you tomorrow!

  5. Awe, I love Anthro! So much style! ;)

    Adorable shots, especially the last one!

    And yay to the closing of your Kickstarter campaign!!! :D

  6. I want some of those tights too. TJ Maxx, here I come :o)

    Excited for your blog party tomorrow!

  7. Ah! Loving this style, miss! :)


  8. So perfect! Anthropologie dresses and shoes might just be a few of my favorite things...yours are no exception and seriously make me want to raid your gorgeous closet:) Ah TJ Maxx...I love that place. They have really been stepping it up lately. I am officially on the hunt for sweater tights!!

  9. loren- yess, i want more patterned ones.

    thank you danielle... nice to see you around again!

    ellsee- thanks! the shoes are actually more of a pretty burgundy- i guess the colors are a little distorted here.

    amanda- can't wait to hang 'wich you girl :P

    miki- i knowww anthro is really cute. i spent some $$ on this dress last year (even on sale), but i still think it was really worth it. i'll have it forever.

    anna- they're called bamboo tights... or they're made of bamboo or something? in case you were looking for them. however, both big toes developed holes in them today! a bit disappointed...

    danielle- thanks!! x

    marisa- YOU want to raid MY closet?! girrrrl i wish i had access to yours like, every day. and like i said- the sweater tights are an eco-friendly bamboo-based fabric (or something), and it clearly says so on the packaging. however the quality is not what i thought it was. but they're still really comfy. maybe if you're willing to sew the toes a lot? :) xx

  10. that outfit is hot!! loving the pose on that last pic you look fierce!! I want your shoes so bad :)

  11. You look so purty! Those SHOES! I feel like I need them!

  12. Are those clogs? They are awesome!! I want them too!! :-)

  13. Great outfit! I love you shoes! <3

  14. I LOVE that dress, kisses
    Rose jp


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